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Late night RSS feed direction post

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(Lots of new readers on the site, so I'm moving this up. ~Alex)

I hope everyone remembers what an RSS feed is! An RSS feed takes all the posts from the blogs you like and aggregates them into one easy-to-scroll reader. If you haven't already started reading blogs through an RSS reader, then you've definitely got to start! It saves a whole lot of time and keeps you up-to-date on all the latest happenings at your favorite blogs.

Click here if you already use an RSS reader. If you don't know anything about RSS feeds and want to learn as little as possible, go here, sign in or create a Google account, click "Add subscription", type "" into the field, and click "add". It's that easy!

You can also read Jerame's in-depth explanation of RSS feeds to learn more about them.

Also remember to sign up for our newsletter. Right at the top of this page, right in the center in between our logo and the date, is a little field to sign up for our email newsletter, a great way to stay on top of Project happenings if you can't check up on us everyday. No, we don't sell off your email address, but we will email you everyday and tell you what's up!

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