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I couldn’t stomach listening to President Bush’s SOTU last night—the man’s distortions and lies infuriate me so deeply—but I’m reading the recaps and listening to NPR’s take on it and may I say just one thing? “Thank god this is the last time we have to go through this particular national ritual with this offensive, ignorant, smug, and depraved man in office!”

I’m not thrilled with the options we’re facing in the presidential election, but any Democrat will be better than the current occupant.

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I have gotten to the point that I think ANY of the real contenders will be better than Dubya.

I can't imagine anyone being worse at the job.

As much of a political geek that I am, a man that Tivo's CSPAN, I simply had to change the channel.

I just couldn't take it. I was two martinis in and they weren't helping. I knew I should have started an IV.

I read the transcript and you cannot escape the thought, "How can he expect anyone to believe this?"

Bush doesn't have expectations, not even low expectations. He has contempt - contempt for Americans, total contempt for the poor, LBGTQ, black, liberal, etc.

I started watching, I did. But I sure didn't make it all the way through. I just wanted his presidency to end the same time the speech did.

Oh, no -- the first time I was able to vote in the presidential election, I voted for Bill Clinton with that same logic in mind -- unfortunately, that logic was wrong, or at least I think so...

I could never stand listening to GWB. I don't know, it's something in his voice, it's just kinda grating, kinda know-it-all, kinda stupid.

And then there's his little chuckle whenever he talks about people dying... I don't know who'd like to have a beer with that guy, but I'm guessing I wouldn't like to have one with those people!