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Mad TV makes Hillary show some love for Barack

Filed By Waymon Hudson | January 27, 2008 1:24 PM | comments

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This just made me giggle.

It’s a hilarious Mad TV spoof of the "Umbrella" song featuring Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

The name should say it all: "Under Barack Obama"... bama bama, eh eh eh... I guarantee you'll be singing this all day!

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OMG, Waymon . . . this made my day!

It's great, right?

I think my favorite line is-

Hillary: "Pour your chocolate rain on me, and I'll make you my VP..."


"We might have differed on Iraq, but no one's sicker in the sack..."

I think we might end up hearing this as a dance remix...

MAD TV is twisted. But, you know, I thought it was rather racist and sexist. I mean, it didn't step over the line, of course, but still - from the "black men have big dicks" to "white women find black men sexy and dangerous" to "a woman wouldn't take this seriously, she'd just need a man to help her and fuck her"... I had mixed feelings.

I don't mean to be a negative nancy (I always am anyway, am I not?), but this does seem kinda, well, par for course for MadTV. Like is that black-face on the Obama impersonator? And there's a lot of imagery of her submitting to him....

Maybe it's just my sensibilities....

yeah, I didn't find it too funny.

kinda horrifying, actually.


I am lovingly going to say, coming from a friend, WHAT?!? Dear, please rethink your response to the messages being sent by these images.

This video is a complete play on the embedded cultural fear of bi-racial coupling, the hyper sexualization of men of color and women who occupy leadership positions.

Sure, undermine the seriousness of politics and taking oneself too seriously. Satire is fun. But the underpinnings of this particular video is insidious at best.

No matter how they're used, at the core, racism and sexism are never funny. And I know that you know that.

I understand that it is offensive and I agree, actually. Which is what makes it a good parody. It takes things that are rather taboo (sexism, racism, etc) and blows the stereotypes so out of proportion that it makes it ridiculous. It makes those stereotypes look just plain moronic.

If it was a more subtle parody, then I would agree that is helping to promote these stereotypes. But since it is taking them and making them over the top, I think it makes those stereotypes look that much out of touch with reality.

Any kind of parody/satire dealing with sex and race are going to offend. That's the nature of the game. The difference is if you leave with a feeling of "that's ridiculous" or "that's so true".

This clip doesn't imply that these things are true or okay, it just takes offensive stereotypes and makes them look ridiculous, thereby tearing them down a bit more. It takes people's sexism and racism and makes it a caricature that accentuates the foolishness of those beliefs, like a political cartoon.