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Nevada Debate: When Media Zombies Attack!

Filed By Storm Bear | January 16, 2008 9:32 AM | comments

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What a miserable debate last night. The worst of the campaign season by far. This one started off with what looked like a a group hug in the principal's office over race relations and it slid downhill after that.

The candidates aren't at fault here, it is the mainstream media. The spoon-fed, pre-programmed "gotcha" drip of questions did not serve the people of Nevada or We The People for that matter. The whole shindig seemed to be designed to give each candidate an opportunity to bitch slap their opponents. Definitely not something worthy of Jefferson's Virginia Statehouse.

The bright spot was the heckler. The heckler also had the most poignant statement - race baiting which is what this debate was all about. A purposeful attempt by Russert and the gang to start a class/race war among the candidates, thankfully they did not bite.

I am left wondering when We The People will bite back... bite the mainstream media?

BTW, today's strip is dedicated to Dot. You can't see her right now. She is fighting the good fight, deep down in the trench.

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I really liked the dynamic of the debate, for once I felt like I was seeing the candidates discuss issues with each other instead of looking for opportunities to sneak in zingers (until you get to the "ask your opponent a question" section, though that also generated good discussion even if the questions snuck in gotchas).

On the other hand, the questions were pretty bad, even if the candidates could offer some enlightening discussion from it. It's a pretty sad statement about our media that a debate that's supposed to be about black and latino issues was moderated by two white men (with a white woman reading screened questions).