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New Years open thread

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Since traffic and content are both pretty light on holidays, I thought I'd put up an open thread so those of us still around can entertain each other! *grins*

Party HatYou get to make one resolution that - through the magic of bilerico - will actually happen. Whatever it is that you resolve will come true. Your resolution is to be on time? You will be. To read the Encyclopedia? You will. You get the idea.

Now, what do you choose for 2008? One resolution and why, please.

I'd choose, "Get organized." Hopefully I could stretch that to cover life, home and work.

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Aw! Nobody's joined in yet? Okay. My resolution is to get a grant so I can take several months off work in order to write a book. Might as well think big, right?

Happy new year!

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | January 1, 2008 2:16 PM

That's a good one Nine!

One of my resolutions is to sign up for classes in Krav Maga and to attend three classes weekly. Krav Maga is the hand-to-hand combat system created for the Israeli Defense Force.

Wow, three classes weekly is ambitious! Another of my resolutions is to resume learning Polish, which got stalled back in June.

To finish that collection of short stories I've been writing for a year.

OK...I'll join Nine in thinking big...I'll submit for publication too..

PS: I usually don't make NY's resolutions; so, since this was your idea Bil it's now your responsibility to keep me on task. *wink*

Holy shit, Michael. Are you planning to fight off the zombie hordes, or what? I think I need to move to your hood so I've got an ally in combat when the revolution comes.

Hmmmm . . . my one goal that will magically come true? Get a job.

i use to make resolutions every year...
it's a good thing i gave that up in the 90's.
I get more of those goals accomplished then before.
things like having SRS, completing my documentation and a few others i won't mention here.

it's been my observation that making resolutions puts too much pressure on attaining a goal. Most of these resolutions are made on the spur of the moment, without proper planning.

I could stand to loose a little weight...
That will happen when i am ready and have the desire to change my life as required and undertake that goal.

Happy New Year

Take care

Sue Robins

Let's see ... do I understand this correctly? ... If I post a resolution, it will be guaranteed to come true?

Well, if *that's* the deal, then I resolve to win the "$5000 per week for Life" contest being run by Publisher's Clearinghouse!

And if I do indeed win, it surely will be because of the magic of Bilerico ... and to show how "share and share alike" I am, I will buy every Bilerico contributor a genuine Publisher's Clearinghouse coffee mug!