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Religious Right: Jesus has abandoned us!

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Yesterday I made some bold predictions. Let's see how I measured up...

Prediction: Hillary - losses big.
Reality: Right on target.

Prediction: Obama - Finally learns that having a FIRM STANCE on issues is really audacious.
Reality: I thought he would come in second, beating Hillary, but he did much better once he went FIRM STANCE in the month before the election.

Prediction: Edwards - wins by a small margin and that changes the face of the campaign for New Hampshire.
Reality: Beat Hillary by a small margin, but the message of change is the meme now for all candidates.

Prediction: Thompson - who?
Reality: Fourth place, I was frankly surprised.

Prediction: Romney - does well and find himself with an unlikely competitor.
Reality: Romney can't buy his way out of a paper bag. He may actually be slugging it out in New Hampshire as Ron Paul's populism eats more of his expensive lunch.

Prediction: Ron Paul - finally shocks the shit out of Sean Hannity with a good solid turnout, competing now with Romney.
Reality: Paul didn't do as well as I expected, but Romney would have loved to have had his votes.

Prediction: Rudy - gets issued a one-way train ticket back to New York.
Reality: Right on target.

Prediction: Huckabee - warmly embraced by every crazy, screaming Christian Fascist in Iowa - all of them swinging plastic baby fetuses nailed to a cross.
Reality: Right on target.

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