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Romney Wins MI: See Hilarious Spoof on Romney Bigotry

Filed By Sean Kosofsky | January 15, 2008 10:26 PM | comments

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Romney just won Michigan. If you can't bear to laugh, check out this hilarious video spoof from The Onion:

Romney really had to win Michigan to stay in this race but the longer it goes for the Republicans the more money they have to spend. Enjoy.

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Funnier if it weren't so true.

I kept on thinking throughout the Onion thing - this is the way they talk about these issues. They just aren't so brazen and direct about it, substituting code words for what they really mean, but still, it's all there.

Unless we're talking about Limbaugh or Tweety or Coulter or.... Then they're pretty direct.

Some folks weren't able to see the video before. I went in and found a missing tag. Can everyone see it now?

[saw this on the net ! Sam]


-----The three levels of Mormon heaven: Celestial, Terrestrial, and Cholesterol !
-----When Mormons want a house painted they hire Ladder-Day Saints.
-----Brigham Young looked down on the Salt Lake valley and said "This is the right place." How
come so many persons settled in that valley if Brigham looked down on it?
-----Adam Swapp got his wives at a Swapp meet.
-----New Mormon cat food: 9 Wives !
-----What is a plastic covered Indian? A laminated Lamanite. (I've known this since I was
Nephite to a grasshopper.)
-----Mormon: Someone who is more man than woman. (Is "Mormon" short for "More Money"?)
-----The LDS church says truth can be known if there's a "burning in the bosom." (Joseph Smith was the first Mormon with a bosom below his belt !)
-----Brigham lived in the Lion House which helped him to keep on Lion.
-----Utah is the only state where you can spell "Moron" with two m's. (It's also the only state
where the sheep take care of the cattle.)

(Glenn Beck, Jon Huntsman Jr., Warren Jeffs, Thomas Monson, and Mitt Romney
did not approve of the above humor.)