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Rosanne Barr: Homotextual

Filed By Ed Team | January 14, 2008 7:16 AM | comments

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"Class erases Race, and Class erases Gender. But within the race or gender itself, there will still be class divisions. Within the Class, seperation [sic] occurs first by gender, and race second. Each ranking will ultimately be about class. Like Chris Rock saying there are good black people and bad black people, and the bad ones are the uneducated illiterate ones, the good are the middle class ones. That was a statement about class, not race. Obama is about class and not race too. He needs to start talking about class if he wants my vote."
-- Comedienne Rosanne Barr writing on her blog that was just taken down for attacking Barrack Obama and Oprah.

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Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | January 14, 2008 7:51 AM

Roseanne at one time was funny and perceptive. Now she is just a ridiculous loudmouth who IMHO should just shut the hell up.

Oh please...

This is from a woman who once said that if she ran for president her campaign slogan would be: "Elect Roseanne and put some new blood in the White House...every 28 days."

At least she got some press out of this whole thing...

And please note: That was her joke, not mine