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Surprise, Surprise: A Voting Miscount in Florida

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But it’s a good one this time.

The Florida Secretary of State announced Monday that Florida4Marriage, the ridiculously named, Republican-money backed group behind the so-called “marriage protection” amendment, has fallen over 20,000 signatures short of the necessary 611,000 signatures needed to get the amendment on the ballot.

That’s right. Florida vote-counting error finally works in our favor this time, my LGBT friends.

When the over 612,192 names (a thousand more than was required, those little anti-gay overachievers…), were submitted to the state for verification, over 22,000 came back as invalid or as duplicates. 27,000 of those duplicates came from Miami-Dade County alone.

With only two weeks, and little money left, it is unclear if Florda4Marriage will be able to get the signatures needed to get it on the November ballot, which many say was designed to help drive-up conservative voter turnout. The repeal of domestic partnerships and institutionalization of anti-gay hate from the broadly worded language was apparently just a pleasant bonus for the group.

Of the $193,000 that was raised by the group, $150,000 came from one place. Any guesses?

The Florida Republican Party.

No word yet on if the party will swoop in to help bail out the failing amendment to help their failing Presidential candidates.


Florida Red and Blue, HRC, SAVE DADE, and NGLTF are partnering to cover as many polling places as possible on primary day, January 29th in order to I.D. supportive voters and sign up additional volunteers to defeat the marriage amendment in November. Updated info is available at www.hrc.org/southflorida.

* Primary Day Training *
When: Wednesday, January 16 6:30 pm
Where: Art Serve in Ft. Lauderdale
Address: 1350 E. Sunrise Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale, 33304
RSVP: HRC Organizer Toby Quaranta at 202.459.3307, or by email at [email protected]

In addition, The Fairness for All Families campaign has launched a "Primary Day of Action" to educate Florida voters about the harmful consequences of the deceptively named "marriage protection amendment." Volunteers from across the state will work the polls on January 29th and talk face-to-face with voters about opposing the amendment, which will be on the ballot in November's General Election. To find out more about the Primary Day of Action and to register as a volunteer, visit www.FairnessForAllFamilies.org.

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The fact that the Republican party is donating that amount of money to an anti-gay org must have the LCR turning round in their beds.

This is the best news all week!

I agree! I'm not counting our chickens before they hatch, but this is great news!

And 27,000 of the signatures that were disqualified were in Miami-Dade alone, which means they will have to go back there to collect more. Miami-Dade is a fairly liberal county, so it will be a challenge for them to get enough new signatures in two weeks.

Finally, some good news!

Hahahahaha, LCR and their beliefs.

"Hahahahaha, LCR and their beliefs."

What beliefs? The almighty dollar? ;)