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The founders got it right

Filed By Mike Rogers | January 04, 2008 6:00 AM | comments

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Some Americans get it that religion has no place in politics.

As I tell my friends, the "people" who write "the rules" don't want you talking about politics and religion because they maintain power based on the ignorance of people on matters concerning politics and religion.

Fuck the establishment. Talk about religion. Talk about politics. I had quite the smile on my face as I walked away from a woman (had to be about 80) who had a pin on that said "Vote Family Values, Vote GOP. "So tell me," I asked her, "Do you support the same kind of family values as David Vitter or poor Larry Craig who was looking for dick on the floor of an airport bathroom?

"Family values?" I asked her, "Please tell me you're kidding."

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Jay Spears is still alive? And he's still making songs?

Had to say that this video had me laughing throughout, but not for the intended reasons, lol.


I thought the video was really funny. Thanks for sharing it, Mike.

Even my Republican family members have stopped saying "family values" anymore...