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The next Indiana Congressperson

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The Democrats are meeting today to pick our choice to run in the special election to replace recently passed Congresswoman Julia Carson (IN-7). The Republicans will be meeting tomorrow. Ellen Andersen, Jerame Davis and I will all be attending and voting for a candidate. Marti Abernathey will be attending on a media pass given to the Bilerico Project. I also have a press pass for the Republican convention tomorrow.

Today's candidates include 4 folks to keep an eye on - the "final four," if you will. Just in case you're a local reader and will be attending the caucus (And I know there's a few of you!), please keep in mind the following:

The choice is clear to me. Carolene Mays is completely unacceptable. Andre Carson has too much work left to do. David hasn't actually voted "in favor" of our community - only to defend it. Joanne has worked pro-actively to protect our community at great potential cost to her political career.

Joanne has earned the LGBT community's vote. If you're an Indy precinct committee person, keep that in mind as you go vote this morning.

We'll have details when available. This could last all day if consensus isn't reached quickly. Here's how the day should go...

The schedule of events from the media notice is as follows:

8 a.m.
The cafeteria will open for candidates to begin setting up (no credentials necessary)
Media: The cafeteria likely will become a last-minute campaign stop for all the candidates to meet with and talk to precinct committeepersons prior to the vote.

8:45 a.m.
Registration begins
Media: There will be a separate table for media check-in. You will be issued a credential that will allow you admission into the balcony of the auditorium. Media will be allowed everywhere except on the voting floor. A special media section will be roped off in the balcony. There are no electrical outlets in the balcony, nor is there any free wireless Internet access available in the auditorium.

10 a.m.
Call to order
Media: Indiana Democratic Party Chair Dan Parker will address the precinct committeepersons and explain the voting process.

10:15 a.m. (estimated)
Voting begins
Media: Voting will take place on 10 touch-screen machines at the front of the auditorium.

11 a.m. (estimated)
Voting ends and registration closes
Media: No credentials will be issued after the first round of voting has closed.

In the event that no candidate garners a majority of votes from the precinct committeepersons present and voting, the candidate who received the lowest number of votes will be dropped from the ballot, and the precinct committeepersons will vote again. This process will repeat until a candidate receives a majority, at which point that candidate will be certified as the winner. He or she will run in the special election against the winner of the Republican caucus, which will be held on Sunday.

Gov. Mitch Daniels has called the special election for Tuesday, March 11, 2008.

Official List of Candidates (certified by the Indiana Election Division as of January 11 at 12 p.m.)

  • AndrĂ© Carson

  • Carolene Mays

  • Stephanie McCabe

  • David Orentlicher

  • Randle Pollard

  • Michael Rodman

  • Joanne Sanders

  • Jeffery White

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I'm sorry things didn't go differently, Bil. Our party needs a revolution.

Doesn't it? I plan on doing a post about my experiences, but I've been waiting to give Marti time to put up her post with the results, etc. I know she'd worked all night the night before and then spent till 1 or 2 with us, so she probably dropped of exhaustion!

But, seriously. Andre? Good God.

Disappointing, but not surprising to me. That Carson name carries a lot of weight in the 7th.

How did Joanne Sanders fare? She wasn't even included in Mary Beth Schneider's initial Indy Star filing.

It was Andre Carson?



Maybe It's a good thing I'm in L'ville now....