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Tonight On The Rebecca Juro Show: Marti Abernathey

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Yes, she's back again! Marti Abernathey, Webmistress of, Bilerico Project contributor, podcaster, and all-around radical transactivist and mediamaker joins us tonight!

Barney Frank says no trans-inclusive ENDA in '09, no matter what happens! Is it already a done deal?

Susan Stanton: Right-wing conservative community sellout? Dupe of the HRC and the Congressional Democratic leadership?

National Center for Transgender Equality Chair Meredith Bacon promises NCTE will not work with HRC until all of the higher-ups responsible for helping Democrats to exclude Transgender-Americans from ENDA are fired. Executive Director Mara Keisling declined to discuss it during her appearance on last week's show. Now, the Washington Blade is asking the question, too. Is Keisling dodging the issue?

We'll get into all of it and more! Don't miss it!

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Thanks for another good show girl...
Take care

I missed it! When will it replay? I want to hear the two of you on together.

Hi to All

I can agree with you all that Susan is new and needs time to grow as a transgender to understand the needs of us and her both. But being that she is in the public eye she must be careful with her comments. Like the following statements from her.

* * *

Susan says

Susan has met hundreds of other people like her. She was among the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people lobbying for a law that would make it illegal for others to discriminate against them.

But Susan has said all along that she's not like other transgender people. She feels uncomfortable even looking at some, "like I'm seeing a bunch of men in dresses."


It does not take a pretty face, but it does take care in yourself and confidence in your presentation. I am not passable like some. I wish I were LOL. But we are who we are. If you are going to be in the lime light and speak for us like Susan you should have care for the feelings of those you project towards. All that know me know I love everyone regardless. Both Drag Queens and T-Girls are my Sisters even the ones that don't like me, till the end.


Susan Says

Eventually, she decided it was too early for transgender people to be federally protected. People need more time, more education, she says. "The transgender groups boo me, now, when I speak. Isn't that ironic?


Susan said above that it is too early for us to be federally protected. I have been fighting my whole life. How long does it take? I had to wear a dam button that said I was a man back in 1969. I have been taken to jail because I dressed like a girl when going out to the club and the police would raid the clubs and take everybody downtown to run warrents and records checks. I had to sell myself to be able to afford to eat. I had to sleep on a bench or in a hotel lobby for I had no place to live. I couldn't find a job. NO one wanted to hire me. I had nobody, no place, at the age of 22. Which was 38 years ago. I paid the price Susan hasn't. Susan has only been out 1 year she does not have the RIGHT to say it is too early for US. Maybe for her it is but not for me, nor my friends that died along the way living their lives, surviving as best as they could. Sorry this has started me crying. I Boo her for this over and over. She has no right to judge us only GOD does.


Susan Says

"But I don't blame the human rights groups from separating the transgender people from the protected groups. Most Americans aren't ready for us yet," Susan says. Transgender people need to be able to prove they're still viable workers -- especially in the mainstream.

"The biggest issue against the federal legislation is that politicians think the ladies' rooms will be invaded by guys in drag," Susan says, "instead of someone like me."

First, she needs a job. She has applied for more than 100 positions in city management, but has interviewed in only four cities -- Sarasota, Naples, Tempe, Ariz., and Berkeley, Calif.


Susan made a statement above that we need to prove ourselves, Do you agree with her statement? I am sure you all are well qualified in your chosen Carrier. This statement was not fair to the transgender people. This sounds very much like she was coached by Barney Frank.

Susan says that the ladies room will be invaded by guys in drag instead of someone like her. WOW that hits below the belt like my Drag Sisters are inferior to her. Susan needs to think first of what she wants to say before she speaks to the press. She should sit back and think why she is being ostracized.

Lastly her last paragraph. She has applied 100 times for a job in four cities. She wonders why she can't get work. She speaks of how qualified she is. Well, she needs to look at her own statements above and see how and what she says effects her chances.


Are you aware that Barney Frank has asked Susan Stanton to speak in front of a Congressional Committee on our behalf? To give them the information they need to help determine if we have rights like all other Americans to work without Discrimination. In my opinion, Susan is not qualified to give that speech to a Congressional Committee. She will most likely put us back in the Dark Ages. There are many more qualified Activist that would fit that need better. Susan is all about the center of attention and not US.

I have nothing against her personally. Some of you said she needs to learn because she is new. But please, not at mine or others expense. She along with HRC is tearing all our work from the last 30 years apart. Our wonderful HRC has for the last 20 years shown they do NOT want us. The proof is in their actions not just from me. Along with Susan Stanton's comments we as a Society will never see Equality in anything.

I do respect all of your opinions. We as human beings are given the gift from GOD to think for ourselves and formulate our own reasons for being. I have been there all my life. I can see the path that Susan's ignorance, and inexperience is taking us down.

We are Doomed. I hate to say this, but we are. I see a lot of fighting on line and in the blogs. I feel like that the most it gives us the satisfaction of comment. But No end result can come from making a Internet post. I know of some, that want to have educational events. Some want to contact Susan and educate her. I think that is good but we are running out of time. What do we do? Susan Stanton with her Ignorance and inexperience is killing our chances to progress. We are spending a lot of time trying to stop her before she does more harm. Our energy could be spent building bridges showing the world we are people by using educational methods.

Congressman Barney Frank HRC'S hero is winning. I can't stop them can you? We need to do something and fast. I have been told we have 360 Transgender Avocate groups. WOW. Now what. It would take time to organize into one to be able to be effective in our quest. How Long? Do you know? I do, it would take years and lots of money to be a viable force. In the mean time we are loosing ground. General George Patton once said he won't pay for the same Real Estate twice. We should follow what he said. But how? Tell me please.


Janice Coviington Allison. Chair of TransCarolina.


I just spoke to Susan Stanton a little while ago, and again invited her on my show, as I said I would do during our conversation on my show last night.

She thanked me for calling and then hung up on me. I guess that tells me everything I need to know, how about you?

It would look like to me Susan would have jumped at the chance to be on the show. She then could have explained herself as to why she made the statements in the St. Petersburg News. In my opinion this was not a good move on her part again. With all the harsh statements going around I think HRC could possibly cancel all of her speaking engagements. [Susan we don't hate you dear.]

Hugs Janice

Rebecca do you have her phone number.
Maybe it's time she heard from more of us.

Take care

Looks like she is going to play the part of Judas Goat.

And i do mean Goat.

Take care


Susan's phone number is personal information, given to me personally, and I'm not going give that out to anyone without her express OK, regardless of my opinion or anything else.

That said, she does have a personal website. I'd suggest a targeted Google search when looking for contact information for anyone, especially someone in the public eye.

I understand about the phone number...
I was not being serious :)
and i would not expect anything less from you as i would have the same reply regarding information given to me in confidence.

I have her website bookmarked.

i am going to be writing an article for the Neutral Corner newsletter regarding Miss Stanton.

another fine example of how members of the TS community make a bad name for all in the TG/TS communities.

Take care