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Waterboarding - Romney's New Olympic Sport

Filed By Sara Whitman | January 15, 2008 12:05 PM | comments

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I just read an article on Raw Story about Mitt Romney's refusal to classify waterboarding as torture.

No, it's not torture. It's a new Olympic sport. Why, it's so much fun, you might want to take a class and learn how to do it yourself. Or, just watch this video done with a leaked classified documents description of waterboarding to the novice interrogator. But be warned... it's not pretty.

Actually, I'm not sure which is worse. That our military has this kind of information being distributed to it's personnel or that Romney feels certain it's not torture if we don't call it torture.

Remember those folks in Gitmo? They're ready to take the gold medal in this competition.

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Romney is such a slime-bag. It's not surprising that he doesn't mind water-boarding...

Maybe someone should try it on him. Of all the issues to not flip-flop on, this is the one he chooses?


Governor, I think you've seen Chuck Norris following Governor Huckabee one too many times. You seem to think that you're in one of Norris's movies.

Hay that is government by the people and for the people.... Bush said waterboarding was not torture so it must be right.
The rest of the world must be wrong.
I keep going back to the Neo-Con national anthem
(the theme from Team America, World Police"

Who cares this country is already gone anyway.
we are just living in a fascist cesspit and don't even know it yet.

I am being sarcastic about everything but the
fascist cesspit part.

For those who don't know waterboarding takes the subject right to the threshold of death then they bring the subject back. Just think the Land of the Free, home of the brave does that to their prisoners. Anybody else notice the shift in terminology we use to be Citizens now we are Civilians. The other term that went out the window... was "Civil servant" now the are "Governments Authorities".

If you haven't seen This
You probably should spend the time to watch it.

Naomi Wolf will show you were we are going as a society.

Pray for America.

Take care

I think waterboarding is one of those techniques that you have to experience before you can order it done on someone else.

Okay, so I just want to see Romney get dunked over and over and over and over and over and over...

Hay Bil
Lets do Bush and Hillery.
We can let Mit watch.

Take care

James Wolcott said:

Anyone who advocates, supports, defends, rationalizes, or excuses torture has pus for brains and a case of scurvy for a conscience.

I think Romney fits the bill.