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What happened to us?

Filed By Bil Browning | January 16, 2008 3:40 PM | comments

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Remember when creative people were stereotyped as gay? We're going to have to give the honors to the animal rights folks if we don't get our stuff together!

kfc_headstone1.jpgThe folks from PETA bought the cemetery lot next to Colonel Sanders of KFC fame. They've had a Kentucky Fried Cruelty campaign going against the fast food chain for a while now, but this bit of activism deserves special kudos.

Can't read the red letters? Close-up after the jump.

Headstone next to Colonel Sanders

Where have our activists gone? Where are the radicals? What happened to kiss-ins and zaps? Now we e-mail Senators and clap at dinners/auctions/balls when politicians come to pander to us.

I wish our community was still this creative.

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Dammit, Bil. you know I'm always down for a good kiss-in.

time, date, location, please. Organize one against SJR-7 or something like that. I'm sure a lot of Hoosier gays will turn out for something like that.

Hell, I'll fly up to Indy for that. :)

And you are right, Bil. We have lost our activist, in-your-face edge.

Kudos to PETA, though....

WOW!! Thanks for this. I love this kind of art. I know of three groups that haven't drowned themselves in boring and assimilation. Gay Shame of SF, Radical Homosexual Agenda of NYC and Queers Without Borders Hartford CT. We had to make it happen with QWB to get out from under the mainstream of I DO-ing which people around here think a movement makes.

I'm always down for a kiss in. Anyone want to make out at the Mormon Easter Pageant in AZ this year? I'm totally serious.

I suggest you rethink your infatuation with PETA. These are the folks who have ads that are insulting and demeaning to women, including labeling of women's body parts and using objectification to draw attention to their campaigns. They clearly don't get the connection between oppressions and they have zero understanding of gender issues. Sorry to be so serious about the whole thing but to me groups claiming the high road should have a deeper understanding.

I wish our community was this creative too...

Tho' here at at U of L they still do "reclaim the night" (twice already this year) and there was "Kiss a queer" and "Get your gay kisses," and "Free gay hugz," during Coming Out Week.

So all is not lost....

If you do a kiss-in, Bil, do it on the weekend when I'm back home in Indy! (I wouldn't wanna miss out!)

I suggest you rethink your infatuation with PETA

If you must know, my infatuation is more with their cute blogger, Jack.

Ah, good to know that they've sunk to the levels of pre-bankruptcy Acclaim Games to spread their terroristic bullshit. I'm wondering how long before someone wises up and shuts them down for their donations to actual, openly-operating terrorists.

i too miss the good old days of kiss-ins and zap

but after working our butts off to get maybe 75 people t a very creative protest at the Times SQuare NY Army reruiting center for ACT UP to protest Pace's remarks, it seems less and less of our community is interested (props to Matt Foreman and Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum who did get arrested for blocking Broadway with a rainbow flag)

the other recent things I think worked great - and were in their way very radical and impactful: the gay families that went to the White House Egg Roll in 2006 (and 2007) and the original and now on-going angel actions against Fred Phelps