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Who needs 10 commandments? AFA prefers 8.

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So what is it about "Christian" groups with "family" in their names? They always seem to be the most unlike Christ, don't they?

ten_commandments_large_web.jpgTake the American Family Association... Back in June of last year I reported that the AFA had stolen a picture from and put it on their website.

Scratch out #8: "Thou shalt not steal" from the tablets, boys. Donny Wildmon and his gang don't have to follow the rules. He's a rebel. That's how they roll.

So pardon me for not being surprised to see America's #1 hypocritical organization has broken another of the commandments. No, not #7. It's #9...

This time Don has his panties in a bunch over Indiana's proposed "Bias crimes" bill. The bill cleared the Indiana House Courts and Criminal Code Committee with an overwhelming margin the other day and now the forces of intolerance are on high alert.

While good ole Donny likes to paint Democrats as the queer lovers, the bill has been co-sponsored by two Republicans. One of them, Jon Elrod, is the Republican candidate to fill our vacant Congressional seat after Rep Julia Carson died. The other is from Martinsville, Indiana - known for being a hotbed of Klan activity. (It was a sundown town for both blacks and gays. (to this day, I usually won't stop in Martinsville to save my soul!)

Our proposed bill doesn't include mandatory sentences for a hate crime. It provides judges with the ability to enhance the penalties for those convicted of violent crimes where the victim was targeted due to their color, creed, disability, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or sex.

So let's check in and see what the AFA has to say about the bias crime, shall we? I'm sure he'll be the paragon of virtue... After all, he's God's right hand man!


Hmmmm. I see a lot of lies in this e-mail blast to the sheeple. Take the tablets down to eight, my friends. Don's too busy to keep up with all his fingers and toes!

Let's start with the first highlighted section. Notice how he juxtaposes the gay guy and grandma - a gay bar and a supermarket - gay sex and what? grocery shopping? We're going to call the crime against the gay guy "more severe?" Where does it say that in the law? And where does it say that a mugging is a hate crime? Obviously, he's never read the actual law...

Why? Because of the next highlighted part... He concedes that "prosecutors and judges in Indiana already have the ability to increase penalties in extreme circumstances." You know, like when a grandma is viciously attacked and left for dead. That grandma thing is so completely made up it's hilarious. They admit that an attacker would get the same treatment!

The next part is juicy too. They claim that bills like this one have prevented churches from preaching against gays and lesbians. Hello? I realize that they're inbred idiots mostly, but have they ever heard of the Baptist church? With 45 other states with similar laws on the books, it must be hard to be a brimstone Baptist these days! They must have shut down the shop in all but 5 states! Maybe that's why they're so eager to keep Indiana queer-protection free!

The Catholics too! And the Mormons! And Reform Presbyterian. A bunch of Methodists. And don't forget the holy rollers like Jehovah's Witnesses and Pentecostals. No Muslim mosques in those 45 states either. They've all been put out of business by expensive lawsuits or when the thought police came in for a raid.

"No preaching against homosexuality! Big Brother is watching!"

With so many obviously stupid and untrue statements, is it no wonder America is quickly tiring of the religious hucksters with their message of discrimination and hypocrisy? Is it any wonder the head of the largest group of Evangelicals was doing meth and having sex with a male hooker? Anyone shocked that Americans are largely shooing the fundies out the political process as they try to enforce "morals and standards" upon the public at large while remaining blissfully free of such restraints themselves?

Forget 10 commandments. Don Wildmon and the American Family Association will pick and choose which ones they follow. It just works better that way.

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Make it 7, what with them always taking the Lord's name in vain and all.

Now I'm off to go and make that one about adultery untrue. Wish me luck.

Didn't Ted Haggard, Jim Bakker, and Jimmy Swaggart render 7 pretty much meaningless already, not to mention uncountable Catholic priests?

10's gone, too - they all covet thy neighbors' money.

Don't most megachurches qualify as graven images?

As far as I'm concern, they're guilty of stealing human rights from people.

Great point bil. I actually just wrote a blog about the AFA too

For all the clamoring the RRRW types do about having the 10 Commandments put up everywhere, they don't pay any attention to them. While they harp on the "clobber verses" till the cows come home they'll break the commandments left and right. Bloody hypocrites the lot of them.