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Your first kiss open thread

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As I was going through a bunch of old photographs, I found this one.

firstkiss.jpgHis name was Scott and he was my first kiss. (Even before I kissed a girl!) We were both 10 and he had the bunk underneath of mine at church camp. The entire two weeks we were inseperable; it only seemed right that on our last night together we should give each other a long kiss outside the circle of the sing-along campfire. I wonder where he is now and if he ended up gay too.

So I kissed and told. How about you? When was your first kiss and what was it like?

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I was like 7 or 8 and she was my best friend... she insisted... I remember it was wet and gross and didn't think anyone would like to do that.

It stuck with me until my second, which was with a guy when i was nearly 19 and away at college. And that was pretty good, but all he really wanted was to get off.

I sure know how to choose 'em....

Fist any thing was when I was 14 and yes it was a guy not a girl that first came laters.

Cathy Renna Cathy Renna | January 23, 2008 2:40 PM

I might win the prize here - my first kiss was at 20 (yes, you read right) - my first girlfriend, in her car when she was dropping me off at my car in the gigantic Adelphi University parking lot (dontcha love commuter schools?)

i very cleary had a crush on her, she has mysteriously recently dumped her financee and she spontaneously grabbed me and kissed me.

I have NO memory of the 30 minute drive home that night....but I do remember that kiss

She was a friend's neighbor, and three months older then I...
I was just two weeks past nineteen...
I was ruined for life...
Tried Guys but it just wasn't the same...

Take care

I met my first girlfriend at a punk rock show when I was 17. We dated for the week of my spring break and she gave me my first kiss in the movie theater.

My God, Alex. You and I were whores apparently... 17? 19? 20? My goodness I was a little more "outgoing" than that.

Yeah. "Outgoing."

I like that much better than "easy." LOL

I got a late start...
it is not uncommon for both TS and IS to enter puberty late. Many of us also have low sex drive all our lives. I was very social from an early age I just wasn't interested.. :)

Take care

I was seven and it was with a girl. We were in the same class at school, and she was my best friend. Our playground was rather hilly and there was a section that was covered with evergreen trees. We were hiding back there, I don't remember why, and it kind of just happened.

I hadn't seen her in over ten years, and I ran into her over Christmas, and sadly she's not gay. But she is one rather attractive young woman. I have actually never kissed a guy, and I don't wonder what that would be like.


Mine was literally "the girl next door," and was not so bad but didn't seem "real." All I remember was that her name was Lenora and the last time I saw her she was in college working as a cashier at Osco.

"I sure know how to choose 'em...."


We'd known each other online and via phone for months and finally decided to meet in person. I had just picked her up at the airport and we got into the car. I'd planned to kiss her immediately but while I was fumbling with my purse I accidentally triggered my pepper spray and next thing I knew we were both blasted with a noxious cloud of the stuff. We spent the next several minutes standing outside the car with the windows down, coughing and wiping tears out of our eyes.

After the car cleared out and our eyes stopped watering we finally shared that long-awaited kiss. It was everything we'd anticipated it would be. Sheer bliss.

Well there was one first kiss before, but I'm not him anymore I am me and My first kiss happened when I was 25 (27 now). I was just weeks away from getting my official name change and went to a pagan religious camping event the last weekend of April.

It was my first time out spending that much time as the woman I would become, he was there and treated me like the woman I am gave me a wonderful foot massage (mind he was giving them to others as well) we walked back to the cabin I was staying in so I could get something did a little light petting and then It happened, he kissed me!

Today we've been a couple for almost a year now having lived in two separate cities then and now living together in wondrous harmony despite the slings and arrows of life.