February 17, 2008

Aguilera Yourself!

Filed by Abigail Hannon | February 17, 2008 | 11:29 PM | comments

iPhone users: Click to watch its the new trend sweeping hollywood....Read More

Is Obama Gay for Edwards?

Filed by Serena Freewomyn | February 17, 2008 | 8:31 PM | comments

Apparantly, Barack Obama has been making secret trips to visit his friend John Edwards in North Carolina. Barack Obama sneaked down to North Carolina Sunday and met with former rival John Edwards, who has yet to make an endorsement in...Read More

Snoop Dogg Dogs Gays in Reality Show

Filed by Sean Kosofsky | February 17, 2008 | 6:54 PM | comments

I don't normally watch TV so I don't even know if what I just witnessed was a re-run or not, but on Snoop Dogg's reality show "Father Hood" on E! there was a bizarre piece of "advice" given to Snoop's...Read More

Contests are fun - I like to give things away

Filed by Bil Browning | February 17, 2008 | 4:39 PM | comments

That last contest was one of my favorites just because of the crazy comments that got left. In fact, it inspired this contest. This contest is not impartial and the rules are basic. After being sick for so long, I...Read More

Remembering Our Dead, Echos From Our Fallen Sisters

Filed by Marti Abernathey | February 17, 2008 | 2:23 PM | comments

I was looking at videos for my YouTube post and found this video titled "Twin Boys Living As Girls". It was taped in the early nineties, and is from the Jenny Jones show. I sat there thinking this was just...Read More

Homophobia in the Locker room

Filed by Sean Kosofsky | February 17, 2008 | 2:23 PM | comments

Many of you remember when former NBA player John Amaechi came out and Tim Hardaway opened up a can of "I must be uncomfortable with my own sexuality" on his ass. Well, here in Detroit something similar happened a few...Read More

Arizona Legislators Propose Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Filed by Serena Freewomyn | February 17, 2008 | 12:30 PM | comments

Last week, Republicans in the Arizona legislature introduced a bill that would define marriage as being "between one man and one woman." How silly is that, seeing as Arizona already has a law that prohibits same-sex marriage? I thought that...Read More

Black LGBT History Day 17: Gil Gerald

Filed by H. Alexander Robinson | February 17, 2008 | 10:39 AM | comments

www.gilgerald.org www.lgbt-tristar.com Gil Gerald graduated with a bachelor's degree in architecture in 1974, following attendance at the School of Architecture at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. After ten years working as a professional in the field of architecture, Mr. Gerald...Read More

Am I a Closet Case?

Filed by Serena Freewomyn | February 17, 2008 | 10:27 AM | comments

I started a new job this week at a hip new restaurant in Scottsdale. I like the people I work with, But like any other kitchen, there's a lot of sex talk that goes on. I mean A LOT. Normally,...Read More


Douglas Gansler - Homotextual

Filed by Ed Team | February 17, 2008 | 7:32 AM | comments

“I do believe that in five, 10, 15, 20 years, however long it is, there is no question in my mind, no question in my mind, we will have gay marriage in Maryland and throughout the United States. And the...Read More

Gay haircut

Filed by Michael Crawford | February 17, 2008 | 7:29 AM | comments

iPhone users: Click to watch Is this why gay men are so well groomed?...Read More

Back To Reality!

Filed by Michael Buckley | February 17, 2008 | 5:44 AM | comments

iPhone users: Click to watch Gonna try to cover that a little this week and maybe Idol - I love the top 24! I may be off this week to try to get better! I will try to post my...Read More