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An Open Letter to Bob Cesca

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Dear Bob,

Recently over on The Huffington Post, you declared that "It’s Time For Progressive Bloggers To Choose a Candidate.

In the words of my Southeast Kentuckian mom, “You are not the boss of me.”

I have made it clear more than once on this blog that I support Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. That said I struggle with my decision on many levels. I feel weird not supporting the first black candidate for president who actually has a chance to be successful. I find Barack more progressive on some issues that really matter to me. And to be honest, I find him totally compelling as a speaker. I still support Hillary Clinton.

This letter isn’t really about my choice of which candidate to support. Your call to endorsement for your fellow bloggers was also not about which candidate to support, although you made it pretty clear where your loyalty lies. It seems like we should be able to intellectually distance ourselves from candidates that we believe in.

For me it is about taking a few steps back and realizing that Hillary Clinton has faults just like Barack Obama has faults. If you are looking from a queer vantage point neither of them are perfect. Hillary has definite limitations and to be totally honest I am just not as convinced as everyone else that Barack is the second coming of JFK, MLK, and Jesus Christ all in a very handsome black body.

Both Hillary and Barack have resulted to negative campaigning even though they initially pledged not to do so. Barack can call it defending himself just like Hillary called it defending herself. Both are being a little bit honest about the necessity of self defense. But Bob, seriously, both are little bit dishonest as well. Who attacked first? I just don't think we will ever be able to agree on that.

Both of them see their shot at becoming president of the United States. Both of them see a chance to make history by being either the first black man or white woman to hold that office. Both of them are trying incredibly hard to sit behind that desk. Ultimately, I will support whomever makes it.

When Hillary is assertive, aggressive and direct she is a bitch. No man wants a bitch in any position of power. I mean seriously isn’t she a nutcracker?

Thank goodness Barack is pretty good at tempering his actions with calming speech. Because if his tone was just a little more angry at times he would run the risk of being labeled an angry black man. I don’t really think most white people would be comfortable with that.

They are walking a tight wire and having to stay pretty balanced. Is it a coincidence that Hillary does better when she is sweet and maybe a little tearful – as a woman should be?

So, okay, she claimed victory in Florida. I can’t help but think that Barack might have done the same thing had he won in Florida. But, he didn't win.

The delegates from Florida and Michigan should be seated. I don't feel the least bit conflicted about that. It is very dangerous when procedures are used to suppress people's votes from counting. I have a really hard time imagining any progressive thinker being okay with some states not being seated. Bob, I bet you would agree with me if Obama had won those delegates.

But he didn’t, so you don’t.

Your endorsement hasn’t exactly changed my mind. I wonder how many people’s minds that it has changed? If Obama wins at least he can thank you. You did your historic duty.

Now Bob it gets pretty dangerous when we start assuming certain things are common sense. You say,

“We know that both of the Democratic candidates have an equally strong chance of winning in November. We know that there's plenty of overlap on the issues. We know that Senator Clinton can recite policy positions just as brilliantly as Senator Obama can induce chills in even the most cynical political junkies.”

And I am not as convinced as you are about the first two points. I also think that you are prioritizing Barack’s charisma over Hillary’s intellect. I prefer Hillary’s intellect. After eight years of Bush it would be nice to have a president who is also an intellectual.

We are both making decisions based on our beliefs and values. You are welcome to share that opinion with everyone else and to attempt to tell voters what to do at the ballot box. I however wish that you wouldn’t try to tell other bloggers what they should or shouldn’t do.

Back off Bob!

I guess what I am saying is that it hurts my feelings when you don’t trust me to make my own decisions. It seems awfully Republican to assert that bloggers who aren’t endorsing anyone are doing something wrong. Maybe some bloggers think endorsements are silly, stupid, or condescending?

Did you see that Hulk Hogan endorsed Obama? At least you can be proud of him. The Hulk has your back.

Bob, blogging is an amazing thing and those of us who do it are blessed to have an outlet for our views and voices. By all means use yours in whatever way you please but don’t tell the rest of us what to do.

Queers get told what to do enough.

We don’t need to add one more voice in the chorus.


Bruce Parker

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Um, Bruce, you do know that Cesca was talking to the pretty specific netroots blogs, and even further specified "top-shelf"? Sure, we're a top-shelf queer blog, but we're not part of the netroots movement. Unless you've been meaning to confess that you've been blogging front-page at MyDD....

Also, that Florida/Michigan thing is pretty jacked. Their delegates aren't being seated because they were told they were violating DNC rules by moving their primaries ahead of Feb 5. And they did anyway. No matter whether it's right or wrong or whatever, they were warned by a private organization what the rules were and they chose to violate them. So, their delegates aren't getting seated.

Cesca wouldn't be supporting the delegates had Obama won because Obama had no chance. He didn't campaign there at all. That's the jacked aspect of this - the Clintons campaigned there anyway, won it (of course), and then were trying to make something of the victory. I can see the frustration with that style of politics.

So his argument to the netroots blogs (which are a total group-think set of blogs on specific issues, sorry netroots fans here) actually makes a lot of sense to me.

No one's telling you who to support, Bruce. I love you even if you support Hillary. :)

I consider us part of the netroots for the queer movement. And "top-shelf?" Ask Patrick Dennis - I'm "top drawer!"

lol, bil.

Netroots for the queer movement - are we going to start taking donations for our favored drag competitors?

We have had fundraisers for local Indiana candidates. :)

And no recognition for working in an Auntie Mame reference?

My God - where's your queer card? Hand it over. You're out of the club.