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Bad Habits

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I walked into the kitchen yesterday afternoon and I saw one of my own worst bad habits. I had left the cabinet door where the plates are open, the drawer for the utensils open and the door to the glasses open. And the pantry doors were open, too.

I know it’s a horrible habit. I know I do it all the time. I have been known to leave the refrigerator doors open and walk out of the room.

I leave closet doors open.

I cannot seem to shut a door. Except the door to the house. I always shut that. Well, usually.

My wife ignores it. Which means she does not shut the doors behind me, just leaves them there, open maws, waiting for some kind soul to take notice.

I quit smoking cold turkey over twenty years ago. Can I stop leaving doors open? No. And I’ve been consciously trying for twenty years.

I will refrain from listing my wife’s bad habits.

Anyone else want to chime in? And I mean bad habits, not gross ones. I honestly don’t want to hear about anything nasty.

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I never make the bed. Except right after change the sheets. That's it.

I do the same thing with the kitchen cabinet doors...I have plenty of dings in my head for proof..I still can't break the habit...Luckily I haven't caused harm to anyone else yet.