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Contests are fun - I like to give things away

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That last contest was one of my favorites just because of the crazy comments that got left. In fact, it inspired this contest. This contest is not impartial and the rules are basic.

After being sick for so long, I want to laugh. Your job is to leave a comment that makes me laugh.

You can enter as many times as you'd like, in fact, the more the better. Remember though, quality not quantity will win the prize pack. You can build on or refer back to other comments if you'd like, but if you found someone else really hilarious, give them a shout out. Contributors are encouraged to enter, but can't win. (Hey, you win some, you lose some...)

Prize package after the jump. Instead of dragging this out, I thought I'd throw all the rest of the swag into the kitty. [Bumped back to the top so more folks can participate]

And the winner is... Cathryn for this joke:

What do you call a transsexual woman with a strap on?

This prize package includes:

Okay - get to it. Laugh me.

Contest ends Sunday at midnight.

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Okay, It looks like I'm you first. (Be gentle.)

You know, I love being a transsexual. One of the coolest things was having my breast grow. They got to be a reasonable size without any enhancement. AND, even though I'm 57 (soon,) they're perky! They still have their 100,000-mile, "bumper-to-bumper" warranty.

here is a giggle for ya:

did ya know that if you eat generic fruit loops that your poop will turn purple?

Can we have a conversation about how awful an idea the "gay? fine by me" concept is?

Hmmmm.. What is the difference when a dog comes home and a drunk comes home? The dog stop whinning. TA Da :)

As you may guess, when I told my family I was going to change my sex, they all rejected me. They reason had to be religious. My parents are Catholic, my brother is a Born-Again Christian and a sister is a Mormon. I was condemned to Hell in three different religions. And the bad thing is, I found out because of this, I'll have to serve three back-to-back eternities in Hell.

I love the concept, Kevin. They give away hundreds of the shirts on a campus and get everyone to wear them on the same day. Can you imagine what it would be like to show up at school one day as a freshman from a rural part of the country and seeing everyone telling you it's fine with them and you won't be harassed? I'd call that empowering and educational.

If I can't win the contest, can I at least vote? Monica's comment #6 takes the cake.

speaking of prizes, I'm still waiting for the toaster oven promised me when I was recruited.

(& I like the G?FBM shirts too. what's the prob?)

inside joke

Doesn't our old friend from Indiana MSJ (abbreviated to protect the innocent) look like Barney Frank? Coincidence? You tell me.

My birthday is March 8th. Is that close enough to be whipping out the "birthday card?"

"Pardon me while I whip this out." - "Blazing Saddles" -

"Is it twu what they say about you people?"


"Ooo, it's twu! It's twu!

FormerRepublican (a friend of mine) says,

Republicans hate Gay Pride parades for two reasons:

1. They ARE gay.

2. They AREN'T proud!

Comedy From a Queer Het (friend of mine)

FormerRepublican (aka Grateful Recovering Former Asshole)

“Crawford, Texas is the asshole of the world, and George W. is just passing through it. What’s that make him?”

"As General Peter Pace was told, 'If you can't keep pace with the changing peter, you need to change your name.'"

For a two-page "exposé" in its upcoming issue, Mad Magazine enlisted the talents of 10 Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonists to illustrate "Why George W. Bush Is in Favor of Global Warming."
Mad Magazine's Presidential Lampoons (NY Times slideshow)


At least two military-age males - pro-death GOPher MORONS and their doomed offspring (one little boy is already wearing a Marines T-shirt) - celebrate the Authorization to Use Force ("war") against Iraq on a nice, safe day in the U.S.A. (unaltered photo, June, 2005)

Now we're talking... I wondered when someone would think of linking to a picture or something... :)

Extra point to UsQueer :)

And yes, Jen - contributors can help decide. By all means - the more the merrier.

Damn. I guess I'll be SOL on this contest, too. In 30 min, I'm leaving for Charlotte, NC to attend an Educational Initiative at the HRC dinner. I won't have access to a computer until late Sunday night.

Monica thinking to herself, "Where am I going to find cartoons in 30 min? This is like a NASCAR driver running out of gas 100 feet from the finish line. It's like an older gay man who just ran out of Viagra a day before being hit on by a hot thong model. It's like two naked lesbians who are into toys and they discover they have no fresh D batteries. I'm doomed!

Ah, cartoon links, cartoon links. My swag for cartoon links!"

With an excuse-me to all our lawyer friends out there:

What's the difference between a lawyer and a vampire?

One's a money-grubbing blood sucker, and the other has fangs.


Are there any trannies out there who perform trannie swaps? I'd like to change my stick for an automatic, and I'm afraid I'll have nuts left over. Should I just throw them away, or keep them in a clutch?

If you're a crossdresser, and you're getting read, do you go to a TV repair shop?

AC why would you keep your balls in your purse? I'm a tranny i get to whack it off and then buy a mechanical one for me and my lesibian lover :) Plastic rules!!!!!

What do you call a transsexual woman with a strap on?

(I can do trans humour too)

giggles that was a good one hon!!!!!

Cathryn won, hands down. That was was too funny.

Way to raise the bar high, Cathryn. :)

A question to ponder. In a gay wedding do the parents of the Top or the Bottom pay for the ceremony?

Contest closed. See above for the winner...