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Florida’s Anti-Gay Marriage Ban Makes it to the Ballot

Filed By Waymon Hudson | February 02, 2008 11:00 AM | comments

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After coming up thousands of signatures short just three weeks ago, the ridiculously named “Marriage Protection” Amendment to the Florida Constitution (pushed by the equally preposterous “Florida4Marriage” campaign) will be on the ballot in November.

The broadly-worded amendment seeks to not only write discrimination into the Florida Constitution, but will also roll back domestic partnership benefits, much like the Michigan and Kentucky amendments. The effort is largely funded by the Florida Republican Party as a means to not only further discriminate against the LGBT community, but also drive out ultra-conservative voters in our key battleground state in November.

I encourage all the readers to get involved in our state’s efforts to stop this amendment by visiting either the Florida Red and Blue Campaign or Fairness for All Families. Join the mailing lists to stay updated and make a contribution if you can. We can’t let this wedge issue take away the much needed domestic partnership rights of LGBT families or sway the Presidential election in November.

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Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | February 2, 2008 12:27 PM

This is absolutely disgusting and shows why the Republicans must be defeated in November. They bleat all day long about protecting families while spending lots of time and money attacking our families.

This is clearly an "all hands on deck" moment that our community must win.

I agree, Michael. While this may seem like just a "Florida" issue, it really has national effects, like possibly turning the Presidential election. We truly need all hands on deck.

We need to come together and help fight these amendments in every state, regardless of if we live there or not. So I encourage everyone to give their time and money to help their fellow LGBT citizens in every state across the country.

Don't forget that the African-American community in several states needs help to kill Ward Connerly sponsored anti-affirmative action amendments that are being placed on the ballot in states with low African-American populations.

This is an opportunity for the GLBT community to do some coalition work and help a key ally.

Isn't it fucked up though how the Republican try to play politics like this? The amendment in Florida just in time for the Presidential elections? The drive here in Indiana to get an amendment on the ballot this year too... The amendments Monica cites, etc.

I mean, seriously. What kind of twisted individuals are they?