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Hey everyone! We're off to Detroit for the Creating Change conference! The other fine folks around here will have to keep you entertained while I'm driving through the snow. This is my first professional queer conference; going on a media pass to blog the conference is even better.

alexarati.pngThe website has grown so big over the past few months. I'm humbled that all of you stop by on a regular basis. Lately, we've hit a new high. Alexa ranks the web - all billions of sites - and our position has zoomed to 191,000. Just a week ago it was 440,000. Hot damn.

You can help us grow further by joining our Facebook group or friending us on MySpace. For those social networkers amongst us, our posts tend to do well on Stumble, Digg, and Mixx but there's buttons for just about everything at the bottom of each post. Of course, if you haven't added TBP to your blogroll yet, I'd appreciate it if you would.

Tell you what, I'm in such a good mood I'll do a give-away. The person who leaves a comment with the most original way they helped spread the Bilerico word and build the site today will win a copy of the Inlaws & Outlaws movie on DVD. I'll check in once I'm settled into the hotel room and pick a winner.

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i've posted your url over on in about 20 different gay tribes to get you more hits. way too many people dont know about you. i found you via Patricia Nell Warren about 6 months ago and have been reading you daily. thanks.


ps. i also made my gay brother's new boyfriend (who just came out after a divorce) read the site, and he checks in every day now. we pm back and forth and discuss different topics of yours every day.

I wrote "For A Good Time... www.Bilerico.Com" on the bathroom stall in my local tearoom, but apparently I didn't opt for the $5 picture service on my cell phone and have no photographic evidence! At least none that I can upload to a computer.

The anticipation is killing me! Who won?! I think Micheal and I both deserve some swag.

I'm sorry, Nick. I thought I'd commented last night on this one. Damn connection. Argh.! I'd chosen Michael before you wrote in. Of course, Michael was the only person to enter. Way to win a contest, Michael! LOL Shoot me an e-mail with your address and I'll send you the DVD.

Damn, 2nd place is the first loser!