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Homophobia in the Locker room

Filed By Sean Kosofsky | February 17, 2008 2:23 PM | comments

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Many of you remember when former NBA player John Amaechi came out and Tim Hardaway opened up a can of "I must be uncomfortable with my own sexuality" on his ass. Well, here in Detroit something similar happened a few years ago with Detroit Lions President Matt Millen called a former player a "faggot" while in a Kansas City locker room.

The story made national news and Millen immediately apologized. In fact, thousands of people were calling for his head, mostly because he has failed year after year to deliver a winning football team in Detroit, but the response was impressive.

Well, it is happening again with Cleveland Browns player Brady Quinn (no, not Tom Brady - Brady Quinn). Check out this NY Times piece.

Quinn denies it all but police put him at the scene at the time the insults were allegedly hurled. You decide.

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I don't know, Sean. It's plausible that Brady Quinn made comments as part of the typical jock talk. It's too bad for the other dude that he ending up getting arrested because he got lippy with the po. Always a loosing idea.

I am certain it was just typical jock talk. But that is exactly why pro sports, law enforcement and the military are still so homophobic. This kind of language is still permitted.

In any other workplace in America you would be fired for what athletes, cops and servicemembers do openly. Plus pro-sports guys are celebrities paid millions of dollars so you'd think they could show some discipline. Especially after other homophobes got burned and lost sponsors over it.

Yeah, but there's no proof that he did it. Cops observed one of his friends talking trash, but not Quinn.