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Huckabee isn't gay for Jeebus

Filed By Bil Browning | February 25, 2008 10:14 PM | comments

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Hat tip to TruthDig for this one.


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Dont know where you dug this up from Bil but its just plain bad.To badmouth a persons politics is one thing his faith hmm dont even go there to bad mouth the fact the Rev Mike can not at times seperate church and state yes bash away but not his beliefs like this does.I am pagan as you may recall but I am also a person of faith this went over the line from politcal to personal. So think again before you repost things.

I think this does make fun of how Huckabee can't separate church and state. While McCain denied involvement with a lobbyist, I can completely imagine Huckabee trying to find a way to work in Jeebus to a "denial" of wrongdoing. After all, the man has been trailing along trying to pick up McCain's crumbs for a while now. It's almost "Monkey See, Monkey Do."

I think it's a fair jab at Huckabee without knocking his religion.

Actually, I kind of found it funny, though not a big haha, just a tiny snicker sort of funny.

I do agree that Ayatollha Mike puts too much emphasis on his faith, he is a one trick pony, getting his votes through scaremongering and preaching up his bonafides as a pastor, and not a politician.

Well, I didn't think it was terribly funny, but I think Huck's religion is fair game. He wears it on his sleeve and he believes in a particularly heinous and damaging form of Christianity that, in my opinion, is worthy of mocking.

We make fun of scientologists all the time. Those people are nuts, everyone who isn't one thinks so, and that's OK enough to make it to mainstream TV. Why, then, is it not OK to make fun of Huck? Because he's a "Christian"?

Personally I find it a cop out. Not all Christians are created equal. Some have beliefs that are truly contemptable and worthy of derision. Huckabee happens to believe in one of those sects of Christianity.

Bil you dont get it do you you mock Jesus by calling him Jeebus. Which as you probaly know a Christian would take as an insult. So for you to think is is just an attack on his mixing of church and state I fail to see. This attacks his faith nothing more nothing less. Him holding a bible and saying it will be the law of the land would be attacking his mixing of church and state not this.

Seriously, if Huck wants to take religion out of the private sphere, fine. Let's do it. Let's play his game. That means that it's fair game, and honestly I'd agree. I think this idea that religion is something not to be discussed (just used behind that curtain to vote) is pretty damaging. It's not just that he wants to attack the separation of church and state, I think we should be able to discuss exactly what kind of church he wants to inject into the state.

About "Jeebus," I never really understood what that was really supposed to mean, but since several people on this site have used it, I've found several credible sources that show that it can be spelled both "Jebus" and "Jeebus." I don't know what it means, but I'd hate to misspell it!

About "Jeebus," I never really understood what that was really supposed to mean, but since several people on this site have used it, I've found several credible sources that show that it can be spelled both "Jebus" and "Jeebus." I don't know what it means, but I'd hate to misspell it!

It's a Simpsons quote. For the entire history of the show, Homer has always said "Jeebus" instead of "Jesus" so as not to offend the Christians when the show tackled religious topics. The point is that Homer is so far removed from being a "true" Christian that he doesn't even know the real name for Christ.

I'm with Alex concerning the meaning of the term "Jeebus"; I haven't really seen much of it elsewhere, if at all.

As with the whole recent flap concerning porno on TBP, this question raises one of what may or not be "excessive irreverance" (a bit akin to what may constitute "excessive foul language" in TPB's published comment policies). I certainly think there is a time and a place for using what might otherwise be taken as totally improper to point out rank hypocrisy concerning religious viewpoints. For example, use of the exaggerated pronunciation "Jaaay-zus", to mimick preachers who inject their religion into places where it at least arguably ought not to be, or to such a degree, seem OK. To do so just for the sake of doing so seems to me an unnecessary exercise. For example, back in the 1960's around the time when the Second Vatican Council was making changes in the Catholic Church that emphasized more substance over form, there were heated arguments over removing revered statutes, modifying certain prayers, turning the altar around to face the people, etc. I remember once around that time a colleague who (like I then considered myself) a progressive voice within the church getting all in the lather about the fact that there were little old ladies (probably then younger than I am now) sitting in pews busily praying their rosary beads instead of what had by then become more active lay participation in a Mass said in English. "Somebody ought to just go up and take their beads from them and tell them to pay attention to what's going on in front of them", he opined. My reaction was that if continuing to say their rosaries brought a familiar degree of comfort to them, and really wasn't hurting anyone else, then who was I to be so presumptuous as to seem to mimick their attachment to their beads. I would say the same kind of thing to those who would purposefully pervert, etc. things that the majority of Christians (or those in any other faith) would consider "holy" simply for the sake of doing so. I don't presently know enough about "Jeebus" to judge whether or not I would agree with its use, but have a feeling I am about to be enlightened.


Check out The Gospel According to the Simpsons. I have it here at home. It's a fascinating read. You can borrow it if you'd like.

thehavasuguy | February 27, 2008 1:06 PM

We must be nuts as a people if Huck even has a ghost of a chance!
Here we are, in wars half way around the globe in the interest of "freedom and Liberty". Meanwhile, this formerly great nation that many of us came to to enjoy some of that "Freedom&Liberty" rushes toward theocracy. How is that place that America moves to better than living in any other place ? The Constitution was a brilliantly crafted document that remains relevant but it's been recently called "Just a damned piece of paper". That's scarier than any "Terrorists".
The Three Stooges don't offer us much hope either. We should be at least looking at others that remain in the race despite long odds.
This country started with a Revolution and may only survive with good folk going forward with another Revolution. JOIN IT!

I do not think Huckabee has a chance, his appeal is to one segment of christians, and he was mostly getting their votes because they coudn't stand McCain or Romney. In the general election, people would look at his statements in a whole new light and not like what they see.