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The Indianapolis Start ran a story about The Bilerico Project today - front page of the Metro section. Our traffic is through the roof, of course. I've had dozens of e-mails congratulating me for the coverage and several other blogs have picked up the story too. You'd think I'd be posting left and right, eh?

I'm just too sick to function. Both Jerame and I caught a horrible cold in Detroit. He was down and out for most of the conference and I came down with it hardcore on Saturday night. Today I have a fever of 102.2. I had to go to a government office today for something and passed out in line. (Have to admit though, they got me through quickly afterwards!)

Let's try it again tomorrow. Till then, you'll have to find something to amuse yourself. I'd suggest the other 49 contributors. *grins*

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Hey now, you go to bed right this minute, and take you medicene, drink plenty of fluids and all that other stuff.

You're famous now, so you have to take care of yourself for your public you know. ;-)

Hey now, you go to bed right this minute, and take your medicine, drink plenty of fluids and all that other stuff.

You're famous now, so you have to take care of yourself for your public you know. ;-)

I got the same damn bug at the same time. It was really going around.

It was nice to meet you both.

You get well Bil
I found enough to anger me today.
Just go and look at my blog.
Makes me mad enough i want to smash things.

Take care

Sue, what's the URL to your blog?

Dayquil, Dayquil, Dayquil. It works for me.


here you go..
Be warned the video clip is not for anybody under 17.

the little button at the bottom of my comment window works now. :)

You take care.

So sad that you're sick. Feel better.

That video is just,, disturbing. It is a flagrant case of police abuse. Where did this occur?

All the officers involved should be fired, as well as the sheriff who is trying to defend the indefensible.
Cleveland Ohio.

I can't put into words what i feel.
i would end up in jail.
Take care

Tobias, It was wonderful to meet you too.

Sue, disturbing is not the word. It goes far beyond that. Thanks for sharing it.

BostonButch: It was great to meet you too. Be sure to stick around and keep us honest in the comments section! :)

Bil? it's an honor to post here. You all rock, Alex in France included.

Now, go to bed. it's late. You're sick.

Green and red letters on a black background? It was hard on my eyes. Sorry.

The red letters are for that entry.
it's suppose to hurt, that is why i kept it short.

it's the video that matters and how those pigs treated her.
And people think trannys have it bad.

We go back to green for the next entry.
Flat panel monitors tend to have over-saturated colors. Just one of the 40 or so reasons i won't have anything bot an analogue monitor.

Take Care

Don't worry about not posting yesterday, we had plenty of content!

Now it's time to get some stuff up for Tuesday... This job never fucking ends.