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I want a President

Filed By Bil Browning | February 18, 2008 10:09 AM | comments

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I should point out that I didn't write this. It was sent in by a reader who didn't sign their name. (And AOL mail doesn't say the actual, you know, name of the sender - only the damn e-mail address.)

But I agree wholeheartedly with this full throttle liberal scream. Whole fucking heartedly.

When do we start? No more faux Dems. They run away after elections throwing their platforms into the wind.

John McCain 2008 - Why vote for a lesser evil?

A pity they didn't sign their name. THIS is the kind of person who should run for President!

That was awesome. Where is that from?

That expressed the frustration we are all feeling...

Thanks for posting it, Bil!

We had a President like that for a few years; his name was Honest Abe. Lincoln’s family was dirt poor. He slept with men, helped crush slavery and compared the treatment of working people to slavery.

He came from a third party movement and after he was killed they passed laws to stop third parties.

Now, because of our political impotence we're going to get Obama or McCain, Billary or Huckabee. Pathetic.

bill, relax. if you want me to, i will run. unfortunately, i probably won't do as well as steven cobert. i don't think that i will be able to get doritos to back me. and lets face it, the system isn't set up to let the outsider win. lincoln was a republican. and terribly unpopular until he died.

the will of the people. free will. it is a bitch. unless we can come up with a better way to run a democracy, i guess we are stuck with this one. to tell the truth, i kind of like the "hot or not" voting method. people could rate the candidates and not be worried that they are going to waste their votes. bringing about that kind of change won't be easy, but it might very well be the answer.

This absolutely moved me to tears.

What a fantastic post, and yes - I'm going to forward it - big time!