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Important things like... The L Word.

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Wow, I'm bad at posting and keeping up with blogs (livejournal, bilerico, etc) lately. If I'm not commenting on your posts or responding to your comments super-fast, I promise it's not 'cause I don't love you. I've just recently been sick and very busy, so at the moment I'm playing catch-up.

In my copious (that's sarcasm) leisure time, I've been doing important (that's also sarcasm) things like watching Season Four of The L Word. Wow, has the writing and character development improved tremendously since I last saw the show. I mean, whatever, it's still TV, but it's somehow less completely ridiculous than when I last saw it. Or rather, there are parts that are clearly ridiculous (lesbian ghosts? lesbian hooker gamblers? pomeranians named Sounder?), but the ridiculousness is balanced out with things that are vaguely intelligent and interesting.

In general I expect the worst from television, so I find it pleasant and surprising when television is not the worst. In the episodes I've seen recently, I really like that they have a deaf character who is smart and tough and interesting, and who is being played by an actual deaf woman. I really like that the transguy character is no longer a complete fucking jerk (he was in earlier episodes I saw). I like how they portray the conflicts between the army dyke and her non-army girlfriend. And, lastly and perhaps most importantly, in one episode there was a sex scene between a femme and a transguy that I actually found really hot (and sweet). I was very surprised that a scene in The L Word aroused a genuine sexual response from me.

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Lesbian ghosts? Now that sounds like a show I could get into!

On a completely unrelated topic, who here thinks the transformers were gay? There wasn't a girl in the bunch....