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Indiana Bilerico: The whole place to myself! (but not for long...)

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Gee. Hello............(echo) (echo) (echo)

I feel like somebody who just snuck past the "Open For Business While Under Construction" sign. My chief editor and his other half are in Detroit until the end of the weekend attending the "Creating Change" event, and I hear that they intended to go over to Canada and get hitched, but didn't take their birth certificates along. I'd have vouched that they were both born. Mayba Canada isn't the enlightened blue 51st state north of the border I'd heard it was.

Anyway, if you managed to get here, welcome! I know that Jerame has some road signs to put up in other places to tell get you easily over here. The original Hoosier born Bilerico Project has been a huge success, with the demographics of its readership now no longer being primarily in Indiana, I understand. Yet there's been a desire for a place where folks in the Indiana GLBT community can get some greater insight into state and local items of interest that those outside the state just quite as understandably interested in. And there are contributors like me, who has a times been accused of being a one-issue (SJR7, the so-called "Indiana Marriage Protection Amendent) type, who have felt a bit swallowed up when TPB "went national". Sort of like the Wal-Mart out on the Interstate came in a took away the comfort of my mom-and-pop store.

Anyway, I kind of like it here. I hope to see you around. If you comment, even if it's just to say "I was here", then I'll know I haven't accidentally posted to somewhere totally devoid of intellectual merit. I'll bet you have your own candidates for that description. I almost made a far right turn and fell in there myself.

Better go now......I've already grossly violated the "put anything more than two paragraphs below the line rule Bil Browning has established under pain of......well whatever pain applies. They'll be back Sunday and probably just put the first sentence "above the line". Probably still sore over not having their birth certificates.

Again, I could have vouched for them. They just didn't ask.

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