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Last night I attended a forum sponsored by Indiana Equality. The forum featured the three candidates (Andre Carson (D), Jon Elrod (R). and Sean Shepard (L)) running in the March 11, 2008 special election. This election will decide who will fill the vacancy created with the passing of US Rep. Julia Carson who represented Indiana’s 7th Congressional District.

Earlier in the week I wrote about how many in the Indy right wing blogosphere had chastised Andre Carson for a scheduling conflict, some even suggesting that he was afraid to debate Jon Elrod and Sean Shepard. Anyone that was in attendance last night knows just how much of a pipe dream that is.

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I don't think that anyone that came in supporting one candidate, left supporting another. I was surprised at the directness of the Libertarian candidate, Sean Shepard. Even though I disagree with his positions (especially his comment saying that his position on abortion is based on science), I think he came off as confident and on point. As far as Jon Elrod, I think Thomas over at BlueIndiana described Elrod perfectly:

A lot of folks -- including Jon himself -- love to pretend that Elrod is some strange variety of super-lovable moderate. But while he certainly takes a more respectable stance on some social issues, the fact remains that on bread-and-butter issues, he's a GOP stalwart through and through.

Privatization of Social Security? Check!
Wants to maintain Bush's tax cuts on the richest one percent? Check!
Against a woman's right to choose? Check!

A vote for Elrod is a vote for a Republican Speaker of the House, and more importantly a vote for the exact kind of policy initiatives that have made George W. Bush the least popular leader in American history.

Elrod was asked SPECIFICALLY on his PERSONAL POSITION on marriage equality, and he gave his speech about how government should get out of the business of marriage. He didn't say a word about his PERSONAL POSITION that he explained to Hoosier Access, saying "My church is very clear, that marriage is between a man and a woman" and went on to explain a scenario in which a marriage amendment would be needed.

As I've said previously, a vote for Jon Elrod is a vote for George W. Bush. Last night only served to highlight that.

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