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Is Obama Gay for Edwards?

Filed By Serena Freewomyn | February 17, 2008 8:31 PM | comments

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Apparantly, Barack Obama has been making secret trips to visit his friend John Edwards in North Carolina.

Barack Obama sneaked down to North Carolina Sunday and met with former rival John Edwards, who has yet to make an endorsement in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Officials at North Carolina television station WTVD said they have video taken from a helicopter of Obama leaving Edwards' home in Chapel Hill. A producer said the station was "tipped off" about the meeting, but said the source was confidential.

On top of secret meetings, they've been talking to each other on the phone (and probably swapping Myspace pics). Is Obama hoping to get an endorsement from Edwards, or are they secretly doing the dirt?

Hillary's been "courting" Edwards, too.

Associates of Mr. Edwards have said that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has paid more attention to the courtship of Mr. Edwards. She held a private meeting with him in North Carolina more than a week ago and associates of both Democrats said it appeared as though Mr. Edwards was leaning to Mrs. Clinton.

But Mr. Obama’s commanding victories in Virginia and Maryland last week, in addition to a string of primaries and caucuses one week earlier, may have changed the equation.

I guess having a dying wife makes you a hot prospect. Maybe they'll all have a 3-way and save the party from splitting at the convention. 'Cuz that certainly looks like what we're looking at. I do love a 3-way. MEOW!

* Special note for anyone who is easily offended: I mean no disrespect to Elizabeth Edwards whatsoever. Cancer isn't funny. But gay jokes . . . they're a hoot! : ^)

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Michael Bedwell | February 17, 2008 10:51 PM

Mrs. Edwards isn't dying of "cancer of the gay" so I suggest you stick to your paying job.

One Sara "AIDS Jokes" Silverman in the world is already one too many.

For shame.

Saying something isn't funny after making fun of it doesn't at all excuse what you did. People who make racist jokes and then say, "well I'm not a racist" are still racist. People who make gay jokes and then say "not that there is anything wrong with that" are still homophobic. And there are no words to describe people who make cancer jokes like that ... you need issue a retraction and apologize immediately.

what if obama is begging?

begging for edwards support because he already has a deal with clinton?

I guess having a dying wife makes you a hot prospect.

Bitch, shut the fuck up.

Where is the editor of the Bilerico Project who allowed this filth to be posted?

You know, normally I'd TOS comment #4. "Thanks for joining the discussion at The Bilerico Project! Please be respectful of others. We reserve the right to delete a comment that is off-topic, abusive, uses excessive foul language, is exceptionally incoherent, includes a homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist or other slur or is soliciting and/or advertising."

But I just want to point it out instead.

Serena's joke is in bad taste, I'd agree. However, comments #1 and #2 immediately took her to task for it - in a respectful manner.

#4 has to resort to misogyny. Because, you know, sexism is okay - but jokes about cancer aren't. That's some fucked up priorities there.


This post is offensive on so many levels, I suggest the entire post be relegated to File 13. The apology is weak and the entire story-line is unacceptable.

Christopher~ You don't get to talk to people that way. There's a way to present your problems that's respectful, but all I'm hearing from your comment is that you have a problem with women speaking.

JK~ That's not the way things work around here, and if you have an issue, engage. I know, it's pretty hard sometimes (sincerely, not sarcastically).


1. My comments were not addressed to you.

2. Your "sincerely, not sarcastically" sign-off is more than a little bit sarcastic.

3. I am happy to "engage" and did. My opinion is, simply, columns like this one does no one any good and creates a hell of a lot of ill will. It was not in the least humorous and in bad taste, to say the least. The comments by the author: "I guess having a dying wife makes you a hot prospect. Maybe they'll all have a 3-way and save the party from splitting at the convention. 'Cuz that certainly looks like what we're looking at. I do love a 3-way. MEOW!" is beyond sick and those comments reflect poorly on this site. If you cannot see that, then that is unfortunate.

Any time I comment I try to comment in a way that suggests improvements or inclusion, not snark like "that's not the way things are done around here."

If I hear the same comments from Bil and Jerame, I'll be happy to just forget about this. In the meantime Alex, grow up.

JK~ Actually, when you're asking for a post on this site to be pulled, then you're addressing me, the editor of the site.

And, no, asking for someone else to pull a post you don't like isn't engaging the writer. It's the exact opposite - a refusal to engage.

I find it bizarre that you can take the statement that someone's not being sarcastic as sarcasm itself. I don't really know what to do with that other than to assure you that I wasn't being sarcastic. Engaging people who offend us is hard.

Michael Bedwell | February 18, 2008 7:26 PM

I forgot to clarify one thing: Mrs. Edwards is not, in fact, "dying" of any kind of cancer. Her cancer is in remission. So we had a large investment of ignorance compounded at 300%.


You certainly are stubborn. I did not ask for the post to be pulled. I suggested it be removed in the interest of good common sense and decency. I sure as hell was in no way attempting to engage the author and I will not attempt to do so especially when I disagree completely with almost every word the author posted. I still don't know who Serena Freewomyn was putting in the three-way, do you? Was it Senators Clinton and Obama and former Senator Edwards or was it instead Senator Obama and former Senator John Edwards and his wife Elizabeth? The way it was written is unclear. It is none the less a repulsive suggestion to make on this or any other site.

Now, if you intended no sarcasm, why did you have to end your post (sincerely, not sarcastically)? Had you ended your post sincerely, it would not have occurred to me just how sarcastic your comment was.

So, you're The Editor of the site. I suppose that gives you an editorial perrogative to comment on every single comment. It doesn't make you right and it was not needed to affirm what Bil had already covered. You still have some growing up to do and you can still learn a lot about human nature and politics, but seriously, I don't take any offense at your editorializing. You are becoming a pretty good writer and I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.

Alex may be stubborn, but he's right. You asked for it to be "relegated to File 13." Alex let you know that we don't pull posts - instead we ask commenters to engage the author in a constructive manner and explain why you're upset.

I don't remember covering our policy on removing posts, but regardless, Alex is the Managing Editor and he answered your question.