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Jimmy Kimmel's effing Ben Affleck

Filed By Alex Blaze | February 25, 2008 9:18 AM | comments

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Jimmy Kimmel has his response to Sarah Silverman. I'm going to have to go no opinion on this video as well. What do you all think of the queer-phobic message?

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That's "effing" hilarious. I didn't really see it as queer-phobic; I saw it as humor. Did it play on some stereotypes? Yes. But was it mean? No.

Not as funny as Sarah Silverman's original but not bad.

Queer-phobic? Are we to become so sensitive that we can't laugh at references homosexuality? Stop the revolution bus and let me off now.

I wasn't referring to the gay thing. Yeah, there might be a problem there because the punchline to the whole joke is "Haha, homos are gross," but I can't really bring myself to care. I think that might make me a bad person.

What I was referring to was that comment about Sarah Silverman having a penis at the beginning as if that were some sort of insult. Again, I don't think it's the end of the world, but it is a pretty transphobic message IMH non-trans O. If the video were about something not-gay and it started out with "Sarah Silverman is a dyke," I'd think that's homophobic.

That's what I was talking about. But my comment was meant to be open to interpretation. Is the fact that Robin Williams is in the video a queer-phobic message? It sure feels like it sometimes!

Oh, and by "is" in "the whole joke is" I meant "can be read as." I wasn't trying to push an interpretation.

I dunno, Alex...Joan Jett and Josh Groban are also in it, so what does that say?

I though the penis thing was in bad taste, but if Sarah Silverman truly was a transsexual and that had been in there would be when I think I'd find it truly offensive.

I've always been of the opinion that we should be able to handle fun being made of ourselves and the stereotypes surrounding us. In a lot of ways, this video seemed almost normalizing, like we're just as valid a target for satire and humor as everyone else. Try as I might, I just can't see that as a bad thing.

Besides, any video with Joan Jett in it wins my vote, fairly or not. ;)

Harrison Ford was the best, references to prison rape were the worst. Everything else was just, "meh".

FatherFaggot | February 25, 2008 5:29 PM

Sorry Alex. I just didn't find any thing offensive about the piece.
There are times that we can get overly serious and sensitive about how we are sometimes treated. But we can't allow ourselves to lose our sense of humor and ability to laugh at some of the things we do. You know, there are times when we're pretty funny.

I agree with most of the above comments, I did not find it at all offensive, and I used to be a chick with a dick.

Of course it is almost 5 AM and I have been up all night, so that might have something to do with it. Lots of things start getting really funny at this time of the morning.

I am one of the hardest fighting gay men for freedom to marry here in L.A. I found this video refreshingly funny. There are people in the video who actually are supporters of ours, so I don't believe any of it was done in bad taste. I know Ben Affleck has been one of our long time major supporters (as well as Matt Damon) Josh Groban and Joan Jett appearing in the video was a nice touch. I thought it was cool to see Harrison Ford relax and have some fun as well. Oh yeah...was the my man Brad Pitt as the Fed Ex delivery guy? He is awesome and I hear that he has been scoping out a gay role to play that would be more of a heart strings love story. I know when to fight for our GLBT community and when to laugh and I enjoyed this thoroughly. I was actually waiting for Judith Light to show up to join in the fun, but she is quite sensative to the needs of the GLBT community so I guess maybe she would have refused if asked to participate. Anyway come on guys lighten up and learn when it's ok to laugh.....remember?...laugh? I think this may be one of those times!