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More L Word Drama

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Last night's episode of "The L Word" may have been sparse on the sex scenes, but there was no shortage of drama. Alice is up for a role on a daytime talk show called "The Look." The producer and hosts let Alice know that the only reason they want her on the show is to be "fun gay, not angry gay." They want daily celebrity outings from Alice. Alice capitulates by saying that the star of Hollywood's newest lezzie drama is a fan of the pink taco. Tina responds by banning Alice from the set of "Les Girls" so that the show isn't pigeonholed as being targeted towards a small niche audience (aka lesbians), because "this is a mainstream movie."

You know what confuses me: Who the hell is this Adelle person anyway, and what's with the Sinlge White Female complex? I know the show's probably leading up to some super intriguing reveal at the end of the season. Or better yet, Adelle will kidnap Nikki. But the best possible scenario would be if Adelle offs Jenni and herself in a psycho fit of rage.

Tasha finally meets her prosecutor in this episode, a tough as nails female colonel who has made a career of upholding the military's honor code. The colonel politely tells Alice that Tasha's military career was spotless until she met Alice (who likes to air her dirty laundry in public). Something tells me that this colonel might be a Sapphic sister herself. Am I alone in this opinion?

Can anyone tell me what's happening with Max's character? I haven't really been his biggest fan, but it seems that as of late, Max has quietly faded into the background. What's up with that? And could Kit stop saying random stereotypical black things? Before you know it, we're going to hear her saying "Dyn-o-mite!"

The last thing I have to say is this: more sex scenes, please. I thought this was supposed to be a hot lesbian show, but it's apparently suffering from lesbian bed death. And nobody likes that. Bette masturbating on top of Jody doesn't count. I need more Shane action in every episode. Thank you.

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The colonel is completely family. And I agree with the sudden disappearence of Max. There are lots of interesting things to do with his character.

The only thing I disagree with you on is the more lady action. ;) But that's just me...

The colonel is totally a lesbian. I've never seen the show, but the haters are always queer in shows like these.

I need more Shane action in every episode. Thank you.

Amen to that sister! If they could have her walk around naked all the time too...

I have to admit, I've never seen the show. Don't really want to either.

I had that colonel pegged from the moment I saw her. And my guess on where this is going is that Shane is going to set her up and force her to blow the case (pun intended) so that Tasha wins. There's your Shane action for ya!