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Nancy boys who live in glass houses...

Filed By Alex Blaze | February 21, 2008 8:32 AM | comments

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Tags: Conan O'Brien, fashion sense, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn thinks Hillary Clinton is suffering from gender confusion (about 5:50 in):

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What's also interesting is that of the three politicians whose fashion he and Conan commented on, two were women. That makes sense because two-thirds of American politicians are women.

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Normally I agree with all the double standards leveled at Hillary, but a lot of times I find myself thinking "WTF is she wearing?" I'm not in the least bit hip on fashion, so the endless parade of black and grey suits worn by the men all look alike to me. I guess that's the privilege of being a man, it's pretty hard to screw up a suit. But I've seen Hillary in some god-awful colors.

Calling her gender-confused is a step too far though.

It's quite sad how some sensitive queens who demand acceptance on their gender-variant behavior can come out to be the worst of patriarchal bastards.

i enjoyed his comments on ....everything. i don't think hillary's clothing is gender confused, but every time i see her i picture the evil emperor. it's a good thing she doesn't go for the goth look. she would pass for that guy.

You didn't mention the great programming of having him there with Larry the Cable Guy, whose "look" he did like. I guess Tim doesn't like women who are butcher than him.