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No Ann Coulter at the CPAC

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Well, the CPAC (huge conservative convention) is underway, and they've decided not to invite Ann Coulter to speak.

It might have something to do with the fact that she called John Edwards a "faggot" last year and Middle Eastern people "ragheads" the year before. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, still shame on you. Fool me three times, and, well, we need better media consulting.

Also coming from the CPAC, John McCain was booed as he addressed the crowd. Ha!

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Earlier this week She endorsed Hillery Clinton
Here is a link to her comment


I am not so sure that is such a good thing if Ann Coulter supports Hillary. She is such a loose cannon.

That is one of the nicer things I've heard anybody say about Ann Coulter.


Coulter didn't endorse Clinton. She just using a ridiculous image to show how upset she was that McCain was beating Romney. She isn't going to campaign for Clinton - she'll find a way to back out of that comment or just forget the whole thing and do what she does best: complain, complain, complain.

I would wait and see Alex.
You might find Clinton's bedfellows are a lot stranger then Coulter.

One thing is for sure the next 14 months are going to be interesting.

Hope you are doing well.
Take care

Now did Coulter actually call Edwards a faggot, or just imply that he is one? Huge difference there.

Anyway, clearly it worked because Edwards is now out of the race. So why doesn't she just give McCain the old "f-bomb" treatment as well and call it a day.

Coulter said something like Edwards looked like a faggot, or something along those lines, it happened a while ago, and I do not remember the exact wording.

Coulter has made her living by complaining, mostly about liberals and anyone who doesn't agree with her version of America. She has always had a problem with McCain, but she has also waxed vitriolc at Hillary too in her own shrill shrewish way.

It is going to be an interesting year, I grant you that.

"Coulter has made her living by complaining, mostly about liberals and anyone who doesn't agree with her version of America. She has always had a problem with McCain, but she has also waxed vitriolic at Hillary too in her own shrill shrewish way."

Where do i go to get paid for that?

McCain has his own skeletons closeted.
They will come out in time.


Any of you notice that Coulter has a prominent Adams apple? Just wondering.

More then that Monica;
Next time you are in Borders go look at the picture on the back of her books.

Is she or isn't she...
Only her Gynecologist knows for sure.

Take care

That's been a question I have heard bantered about amongst TSs for many years. It would be fun to recommend a doctor to shave that trake for her. (giggle)

"Hey Ann! Who did your SRS?"

Coulter could also be interesx..
In that peace i posted she had so much makeup on
at first i didn't recognize her until she spoke.

Whatever she is, she gives me the creeps.
There is something Evil about that woman not for anything she has said but her demeanor exudes evil.

Take care

I saw her on the Today Show and you're right. She is just plane evil. Her book it titled, "If Democrats has a Brain, they would be Republicans." In reality, the Republicans have one brain between them and she doesn't get to use it very often.

Monica & Sue,
I really hate to start this arguement up, but I really can't believe both of you are engaging in this kind of dangerous rhetoric. Considering how many people attack Coulter for her looks or try to discredit her by calling her a tranny... It's completely sexist and transphobic.

Whatever she is, she gives me the creeps.

Seriously, Sue?

She goes out of her way to vilify LGBT people - like Larry Craig, who still does. Based on physical traits, she has all the earmarks of being one of the very people she hates, as it appears. We are speculating, as the rest of the trans community has been for years.

What Sue and I have said here is baby formula compared what has been said about her looks in the past. If she really is a trannie, then she deserves all the hate her conservative friends would heep upon her. "What comes around, goes around." She has stockpiled a s-load of bad karma. One way or another, it'll come back on her. For her to be outed for L or T would bring that bad karma on her. I would show no mercy on her either way.

not only do i agree with Monica regarding what she has said, I don't believe any of it is transphobic, in any way shape or form. However if Miss Coulter wants to come forward and educate us on her history i might consider an apology to be in order.

One thing i should point out...
Before i do i want to make it clear i respect You and everyone else that contributes or comments here.
I don't have to agree with any of you for that respect to be valid, so with that said....

I find that it's nearly always open season on religion here You might note i have said on several occasions that i am a Christian. I turn the other cheek to all of the comments here on the subject because i believe everyone has a right to speak their mind. I'm also a person of Paleo-transgender history that gives me just as much license to speak my mind as anybody else on the subject at hand.

If people are to be allowed ot make light of a situation or poke a little fun at a public figure then everybody needs to allow some space for it.

I respect your feelings on the subject to the point where they would interfear with my freedom to speek my mind.

Take care

OK, do we really think that someone who's been famous as long as Ann Coulter, who's had a bunch of high school and college friends talk to the media, who's had investigative pieces done about her childhood, who's been profiled in a bunch of MSM operation, that this wouldn't have already come out if there was something there?

Just sayin', if Ann Coulter were trans, I'm 99% sure that would be public info by now.

That's right, Alex. But . . . I always like to go to my favorite Shakespheare line, from Hamlet, "The lady dost protest too much, me thinks." Why is she protesting so much? What does she really have to hide?

Alex Ann Coulter is a few years younger then i as i remember.
I have known Transfolk who have lived crossgender lives from the time they have entered High School.
There is a book written about such a woman.
By Just Evelyn. I happen to know both Evelyn and her daughter Danielle. Granted Danielle is half my age. however as parents go Evelyn was one of many who were enlightened enough to move away from where they were to allow their child to enroll into school as a girl. All that is needed then is an exemption from the parent to keep their child out of PE...

Who it so tay Ann Coulter didn't have the same upbringing as Danielle XXX did?

By the do a Google search for ether Just Evelyn or the book title Mom I want to be a girl.
The book is online go read it, it will add to your trans education and by the way She is another TS who is not GLBT affiliated.

This book should be required reading for every Trans Advocate.

Take care