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I have told many stories about my kids. Some funny, some sad, and always, I am proud of them.

But this letter Jake wrote, still has me beaming.

Last weekend, Jake and Allan were watching "Storm Chasers" on the weather channel. They were doing a segment on the tornado that hit Greensburg, Kansas. Immediately upon seeing the devastation, he turned to Allan and said, I want to give them money.

We have a 'swear jar' filled with the dollars collected mostly from my swearing. Anyone caught saying a swear word owes a dollar. The boys have also done lemonade stands from time to time, to collect money to give away.

Allan, moved by Jake's strong reaction, emailed the school superintendent for Greensburg, KS. Allan is a professor in the field of education, so it wasn't hard to find. The next morning, there was an email from the superintendent with a grateful acceptance for any and all help.

This is the letter Jake wrote to send in with the money. Allan helped with the spelling but the words and the sentiment are all Jake's.


The Superintendent promised to buy things for a second grade class with the $120.31 Jake sent in.

I am so proud of my son.

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I just want to thank you for sharing your family and life in such a tender way. As a gay man who one day wants a family of his own, it's really inspiring to see and it gives me hope. It's a part of our community I wish was shared more.

Jake sounds like such a rockstar......

Sara and Jeanine are both helluva mothers. I love reading Sara's posts about her family.

Oh my god! My heart just totally melted... So vicariously proud for you!