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Pop, Lock and Drop It

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I love my job. I do. I cannot imagine doing anything else. I’ve always explained to my kids that I write, I serve on several foundation boards and I’m trying hard to have a positive impact on the world.

Today, I’m not so sure.

Ben came home yesterday, waltzed into my office and said to me, Are you a stay at home mom?

I said, No, I work at home.

So you’re a stay at home mom.

No, I work at home. My office is in my house. You are standing in it. But when you all were little, I was a stay at home mom. My full time job was taking care of you all. It’s not anymore.

Stay at home mom, he nodded confidently and walked away.

Today? He came in my office again.

MOM, what did you DO?

I got a haircut, Ben.

OH GOD… please don’t wear that fleece out anywhere, okay?

I have on my wife’s bulky, black and white checked fleece. It’s very warm and after having hot flashes to heat a small city this morning, I needed something more than the tee shirt I was wearing.

My hair is now short again. After two years of having it halfway down my back- okay, not really that long but it felt that way- I cut it off into a new, sassy do.

At least that’s what my stylist said.


Okay, just wear a pink tank top. You know, layered look.


But mom… it’s so short. People are going to think you are a boy.

Ben, people called me sir when my hair went halfway down my back. It’s the way I look. Now please, I’m trying to finish up…

I’m just sayin’

BEN, it hurts my feelings. Can you please lay off the pink tank tops and terrible hair comments? I know I’m not pretty…

Oh, but you are mom. If you didn’t look like a boy.


At that point, he ran out of the office.

This is from a kid whose pants don’t cover his rear end.

Maybe I need a new job. One that takes me out of my home to a place where no one requires me to wear a pink tank top or comments on my hair style.

Or a lock on my office door.

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I saw the pics you posted at Suburban Lesbian Housewife - and I have to say: "I love the new do." You're hot. :)

Well ... be glad that your distractions come from others and not from inside yourself ... when they come from inside, not any office lock in the world can keep them out, and that's why not everyone can "work from home" ...

... and by the way, Sara, when is your next Tupperware party? (* just kidding! *)