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Ralph Nader jumps in

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I guess it was expected; Ralph Nader is running again, this time without the support of the Green Party like in 2004.

I don't really know why, since there isn't much of a movement to back him, the grassroots is elsewhere, and he's not really doing leftist politics any favors by running.

Obama's and Clinton's reactions were pretty funny:

Both Obama and Clinton dismissed the possibility that Nader's campaign would have a significant effect.

Obama praised Nader, who turns 74 on Wednesday, for his "outstanding work" on behalf of consumers. The Illinois senator wrote in "Dreams From My Father," that in 1984, just after graduating from college, he spent three months working as an organizer for a Nader-related group in New York City.

Now, though, Nader is just a "perennial presidential candidate," Obama said.

"His view is, unless it's Ralph Nader, that you're not tough enough on any of these issues," Obama said Sunday after a tour of the National Gypsum plant in Lorain, Ohio. "He thought that there was no difference between Al Gore and George Bush, and eight years later I think people realize that Ralph did not know what he was talking about."

Sen. Clinton (D-N.Y.) expressed disappointment in Nader. "Obviously, it's not helpful to whomever our Democratic nominee is," she said. "But it's a free country."


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Michael Bedwell | February 25, 2008 4:35 PM

"I don't really know why"

BECAUSE she's crazy! Because she can't get a date? This will be the FIFTH time Mary's run. [OK, OK, I've never seen any proof he's gay and some will get on their hissy horse about the camp references but....]

"He made the cars we drive safer; thirty years later, he made George W. Bush the president." - The Atlantic Monthly

In 2004, he only got 463,653 votes—less than half of percent, but here comes Ralphie!

I was kinda shocked to see that former Top Nadernistas Tim Robbins [whom I'd like to ____] and Susan Sarandon [whom I adore] were supporting Edwards rather than Obama. Fellow Nadernistas Ben & Jerry switched to the Obama flavor after Edwards bottomed out.

Susan’s now supporting Obama though she’d said before she thought he wasn’t passionate enough. Haven’t found yet if Robbins has also rethought his earlier rejection. But the REALLY important question is whom “Desperate Housewives” articulate hottie James “Mike Delfino” Denton is supporting since Edwards pulled out and WHEN he’ll be knocking on my door to personally thank me for my donations to Edwards. He can call me “Susan,” he can make me write another check to whomever, he can make me eat “Cherries for Change” ice cream, he can Marc my Cherry, he can.......

I used to like Nadar and thought his message was a good one, but now I just see him as a joke and a pretty bad one at that.

I mean, I'm still getting emails asking for donations to help him pay off his '04 campaign debt, and now he's running again? Talk about fiscal irresponsibility!

Personally, I can only hope that his MTP appearance will be the first and last time we see him in the media this campaign season.

He's become a joke of a joke - a pathetic attempt at remaining relevant when he's been rejected more times than a twinkie at a bear-lover's convention.

Talk about a self-aggrandizing cult of personality.

Sure it's a free country and anyone can run, but you embarass yourself when your last run didn't net you 5% in any state in the union.

It's time to go lay down, Ralph. Thanks for what you've done, but it's time to move on.

Well Gee...
Nobody running for President last week except for Ron Paul would end the war.
This week we have someone else who will stop the war....

Uncle Ralph is a little pink for my taste Pink belongs on Undies and other things not Politicians.
Write in Ron Paul
Vote for Uncle Ralf.
I shall have to stew a little on this one.
I voted for Nader twice before...

Take care

He wasn't even on the ballot here in Indiana last election... I doubt if he is this year either. :)

I blame Ralph Nader and everybody who drank his 'Democrats and Republicans are the same' Kool Aid' for giving this country the abomination of the Bush misadministration.

Well Monica i gladly accept that blame.
Because the Democrats and the Republicans have been the dame for something three decades now.
Take care

The ham-fisted reaction of Democrats to Nader, the Greens and other political groups to the left of the right-centrist Democrats are a signal that the radicalization of American politics is gathering strength. The conservative Democrats are terrified of a break to the left. Too bad. The polarization and radicalization of American politics is already ripping into the Republicans strength and unity. The Democrats turn will come after the election and a return to ‘politics as usual’. Their politics as usual are composed of more war, a deepening economic crisis and the continued dismissal of our agenda.

That’s why the splintering and political demise of both parties is, at this point, a given. Their politics are far to the right of their constituents. Both are bitterly opposed to samesex marriage equality and gave huge bipartisan support gay bashing laws like DADT and DOMA. Their major candidates - McCain, Clinton, Huckabee and Obama - openly pander to gaybashing bigots. To prevent them becoming 'wedge' issues the Democrats tossed ENDA and the hate crimes act into the toilet. Republicans, of course, love it when the Democrats simultaneously support the Republicans more openly bigoted program and stab us in the back. It's why Democrats lost in 2000 and 2004.

The Democrats, like the Republicans, are prowar, support anti-constitutional laws like the Paytriot act, union busting measures like NAFTA, tax cuts for the rich, welfare cuts for the poor and exporting jobs. These two right wing parties are equally responsible for the economic problems we face. After NAFTA devastated the Mexican and Central American economies both the Democrats and Republicans turn a cold shoulder to immigrant and imported workers. Their bipartisan deregulation laws have unleashed corporate tigers who feed on the American public.

It’s dead wrong to promote voting for our enemies and niave to believe their campaign promises. Seven years olds can be forgiven if they believe politicians, divorce lawyers, priests, used car sellers and shopping mall Santa’s. The rest of us have no excuse.

We can push back by ramping up our criticism and building a militant mass movementfor our agenda. That will put the fakes in the Democratic party on the spot and speed up their political demise.

Marvin Wagner | February 26, 2008 8:32 AM

Nadar represents equality. That is, checking corporate power, and equality in facing life, a GLBT goal.

The republican creed is self responsibility, the American dream is yours if you work for it.

The problem is some of us have an advantage. It may be born into a wealthy family where influence and inheritance of wealth literally buys the American dream. Being financially able to attend the finest schools further assures the American dream.

Others are handicapped. The American dream is unachievable. Lack of a living wage is a handicap. Physical and mental health is a factor, and the means to correct the unhealthy state is a problem. It's disappointing to learn that this GLBT support group fails to make this distinction. You want equality and you deny equality. Starvin Marvin

All i can say is
Well Put Marvin

Take care