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Snoop Dogg Dogs Gays in Reality Show

Filed By Sean Kosofsky | February 17, 2008 6:54 PM | comments

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I don't normally watch TV so I don't even know if what I just witnessed was a re-run or not, but on Snoop Dogg's reality show "Father Hood" on E! there was a bizarre piece of "advice" given to Snoop's sons by a buddy of his.

After trying to encourage his kids to stay in school, Snoop brings his sons to hang out with a friend who proceeds to talk about staying away from certain drugs, claiming that he's been clean for four years. The friend then imparts this little gem: "Whatever you do don't hit the pipe...and don't suck anyone's d-ck..." And of course Snoop just laughed and so did his kids, but the friend looked dead serious.

Since the friend obviously had a run in with drugs, I wonder if the cautions about gay oral sex also stemmed from experience. Either way, this was a bizarre and homophobic lesson in how to raise good sons.

The fact that the only two pieces of advice the friend offered were staying away from hard narcotics and staying away from hard penises, leaves you wondering if he thinks gay fellatio is as harmful or more harmful than crack cocaine. I don't know what oral sex is like on crack cocaine but If that was the warning, it would make complete sense.

This begs the question: What would the entire "birds and the bees" conversation look like at the home of Snoop "puff puff...pass" Dogg? Hell, if Snoop's sons combined this sage advice with the lyrics from his dad's music they might request a field trip to the Playboy mansion for extra credit.

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Wait a minute, Snoop is taking his kids to a former crackhead so that he can tell them not to do drugs? Umm, irony?

Ahem. What does smoking pot have to do with how well you teach your kids sex ed? Tell me as you pass it.

I'm surprised to read a story like this. I've heard Snoop on talk shows when gay issues come up, and even though he does make jokes, he's never sounded distinctively homophobic.

Maybe the point of the joke was that the former crackhead had given a few blowjobs to obtain his next hit of crack ... and if so, the point of the joke was that craving for crack can make even the straightest dude suck dick --- and from what I hear, that's more reality than homophobia.

After the mistakes made in this area by Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock earlier in their careers (not to mention hardcore homophobes such as Beanie Man), I think even the most "street-hardened" hip-hop artists realize it's not cool to make public anti-gay comments --- because, whether right or wrong, it adversely impacts their earning power.

Sean K. watches Snoop Dogg's reality show? That's really bizarre info for me right there... :)

Saying that Snoop's homophobic is kinda like saying that Bush is dumb at this point. The dude never liked us, just as he never liked women (as people, not sex objects), Asians....

WilliamRLBaker | April 15, 2011 5:25 AM

Wow this is old but I happend upon it by Accident...are you blind or just incapable of understanding things?

The joke and or lesson wasn't homophobic in the least it was the fact that Crack, Herorine and the like make you do some crazy stuff including giving random guys BJ's in alleyways for your next fix.
Leave it to gay people to see a slight or homophobia where it cannot be found.