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The lesson of the snow logo

Filed By Bil Browning | February 01, 2008 12:05 AM | comments

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We're expected to get about 8" of snow tonight. Before I start bitching about all of the cold air, bad driving and school closings tomorrow, I thought I'd change out our logo to remind me of how pretty it is before we all go out tromping around and mucking it up.

Sometimes we lose touch with the inner beauty of the individual snowflakes when we're complaining about the storm. A snowstorm is all about the power of diversity. We can all use that lesson occasionally.

My thanks to reader Sue Hoffman for these beautiful "spruced up" logos for holidays and special occasions. Doesn't she do good work?

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Ooh, I love the snowflakes in the logo -- we don't get much snow here in San Francisco...

kwel logo but Bil you may kep your snow we realy dont need it in south Georgia got my fill when I was working in Maine.

The logo is nice Bil and so is your analysis on the individuality of snowflakes. Up here in "the region" the weatherman said that we are supposed to get like 10".

(Kelly hates the white stuff, but I love all the snow that Mother nature sees fit to throw at us.

Bil: When I think you are wrong, I'll say so as I did a couple of days ago. Remember?

But on this, you are 100% on the money.

You see that snowstorm out there? Well, none of the flakes is identical to another flake. Each is different from the other. And what makes the storm so powerful? It's the coming together of many, many snowflakes.

This community, in all of it's many diverse ways that each of us expresses our individuality, would have a stronger voice in the affairs of America if we could stop shouting at one another.

Is any one of the snowflakes better than another one? Nope. But the storm would be less than it could be without just one of them. Everyone is needed here, and we won't be successful without a single one of us.

Make sense? I think so.

So now I'm awake now this morning and I jumped out of bed to go look at the snow. Jerame was in bed still, so I assumed that meant Paige was in her room and school had been canceled! Snow Day!


We have maybe an inch of snow. Maybe. And a layer of ice/sleet about a quarter inch thick on top of that. And a lot of melting going on... There's a puddle 3 inches deep outside my garage.

The freaking water is thicker than the snow! Bah. Humbug.

Sometimes the T community has lots of puddles, too.

Just look at some of the comments last week.


It was a chilly 50 today berrr! Us T's are keeping warm bringing the gender message!