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[ED NOTE:] Sara will be providing our coverage of the election results. This post will keep refreshing with the newest update on the front page. Everything else will drop back to after the jump. Refresh the page for updates.

[12:35 am]

Clinton wins California. Now, I'm going to bed.

Ooooh, lookie, McCain is sober tonight. They must have a scotch patch on him somewhere.

But right now, the beauty of the moment is McCain ♥ Huckabee.

Not so much Romney.

I think he’d hug Huckabee and maybe give him a kiss, too.

Obama wins Utah. North Dakota. Colorado.

Obama takes North Dakota.

I just had to listen to Mike Huckabee talk about "the mother tongue..."

now I'll never have sex again.

Folks, that man is for real. Can someone find some scandal in his closet?
Obama wins Kansas, Minnesota and Connecticut.

Huge win for Obama in Connecticut. That seems to be where Teddy Kennedy went bump and made a big impact.

Looking at the individual town returns on, Romney did in fact win MA. But not by much.
1.5 million Democratic ballots in CA. They will be counted tonight and 60% of them are from women. Who will clean up in CA?

ABC News reports, under the age of thirty voters are overwhelmingly for Obama.


Who wants to vote for their mom?

Sorry, I’m getting a little punchy. Way past my bedtime.
Clinton: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Tennessee

Obama: Illinois, Georgia, and Delaware, Alabama

No change in California numbers- Clinton still up in exit polls by 5%.

Frighteningly, Huckabee is sweeping the south. Romney spent all the money, Huckabee gets all the votes.
California looms large, a big unknown.

Connecticut is moving towards Obama.

Clinton is way ahead in Missouri.

Sweet Jesus, pass me some valium!
Clinton wins American Somoa.

Clinton up by one point in NJ.

In New England, including my home state of MA, 1 in 4 voters were influenced by Kennedy's endorsement of Obama.

However, people making their mind up today -- went for Clinton.
So Far...

Arizona: Clinton 47 Obama 47

California: Clinton 50 Obama 45

Georgia: already called for Obama

Illinois: already called for Obama

Massachusetts: Clinton 48 Obama 48

Missouri: Clinton 49 Obama 48

New York: Clinton 56 Obama 41

Tennessee: Clinton 51 Obama 49

Take it all with a grain of salt, people.

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Michael Bedwell | February 5, 2008 10:15 PM

Bless you Sara, you have stronger nerves than moi.

Hil wins NY and O wins Illinois. No surprise.

Romney wins Mormonia, er, Utah. SO not a surprise.

Hil wins Kennedy's Massachusetts? Now that surprises me.

funny break down in Massachusetts- Clinton wins blue collar towns- Lowell, Braintree, Quincy, Plymouth- and Obama won Newton, Concord, Belmont, Manchester by the Sea.

um... not so blue collar towns.


Now to the west... new update soon.

btw MSNBC now has McCain ahead of Romney in Massachusetts and Mitts been projected the winner hmm will they have to change that soon?Georgia is still not called yet for the Republicans.So looks like its an all niter folks.

I noticed that about Romney! I thought... they pity him.

it was interesting that Romney could barely win in MA but then, WE HAD HIM AS GOVERNOR! he was lousy with finance, lousy with policy and spent most his time running for President.

I just want to know what the hell "punchy" means. Dammit!

goofy. silly. too tired to think straight.

where are you from? you don't know punchy? as in punch drunk?

well da Mass has finaly gone to Mitt and the Huckster has finaly taken Georgia. Well he didn't get the state with my vote so dont blame me!So it goes on there are events this weekend to so it aint over so looks like PA with its big delegate count for both parties in April will be the deal maker?

You know, I was sick of politics before the year even started.

Of course Huckabee is going to take the red(neck) states, he plays to their fears and prejudices. As a preacher he is a past master at the old art of demagogary.

It is plain scary that someone who wants to rewrite the constitution and turn America into a christian version of Iran can garner the votes that he does.

Well, I figured you were either tired or lit. LMAO

Thanks for doing this for us, Sara. You did a great job. I loved your one-liners. :)

Nice summary. Glad you did it and not me. I checked CNN all of one time last night and called it good when I saw Hillary won AZ.