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Tina Fey is a goddess and Mike Huckabee is truly hilarious

Filed By Jerame Davis | February 26, 2008 1:00 PM | comments

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I love Tina Fey. Her take on Hillary Clinton is exactly why I love her so...

Mike Huckabee is milking his presidential bid for all it's worth. He scares me, but he really is a funny guy. Check out the video after the jump.

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Your opinions on Tina Fey and Mike Huckabee mirror mine exactly, Jerame. Tina is a real genius, and her "Colonel Lingus" skit from SNL days is one of my favorites. Yes, Huckabee is frightening, but on the surface he's likeable --- which, I fear, could make him all the more dangerous.

this bitch will be the new black tonight...

Has anyone found the new hispanic language Hillary song? It's been on a CNN story a couple of times. The only part I can catch is her name. If I can find it, I'll post it up. Great stuff.

The Huckabee sketch is hysterical. Tina's rant is great too, but I just couldn't stop laughing at Huckabee. Since President isn't going to work out for him, maybe he could start a standup routine.

"Me and a liberal went into a bar. I told the liberal I don't drink and that it would take a miracle for me win the election."

Here's a YouTube link to the English lyrics for "Hillary, Hillary Clinton" requested by commenters #3 & 4, found by clicking on the "more" link on the right side of the YouTube page where it says "About this Video." The translation is correct, except for one minor line order switch on the second "Hillary, Hillary Clinton" chorus and also all the lyrics are repeated a second time before the "I'm Hillary Clinton, candidate for President, and I approve this message."

As for Huckabee, not only do I like him, but I still think he has a chance for a brokered convention, IF he can take Texas next Tuesday. I'm thankful for his tenacity and focus on issues...remember, he doesn't need 1191 delegates, just has to keep McCain from getting them, then it'll be a new look at the issues, the candidates, electability, a reevaluation.