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Tonight On The Rebecca Juro Show: Dr. Aviva Nubel

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Dr. Aviva Nubel returns to "The Rebecca Juro Show" to update us on new developments in her case.

Dr. Nubel was forced to give up her license when a couple of selfish transwomen reported her to the New Jersey State Nursing Board. It’s a horrific story of an incredibly kind, giving, and generous professional who was basically run out of the state, really not because of anything she did but because of who her patients were, transitioning transsexuals.

Both one hour parts of my first interview with Dr. Nubel are here:

Part 1

Part 2

It’s all live tonight on “The Rebecca Juro Show”! Don’t miss it!

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Just one question
Is Aviva Nubel a medical doctor"

just wondering because if Nubel was why
would the report be made to the Nursing Board.

I really don't get this.
Can you explain for us who don't know all the details.

What was Nubel do cerate in?


doctorate in?


She is a psychologist, a PHD, and an LPN. If you want to know all the details listen to the first show, this one will be about the new developments in her case.

i have been listening to it...
Keep in mind that things do go wrong from time to time...
My best friend knew the person who shot and
Killed her therapist here in SanDiego back in the late 90's...
I am not going to go into the details..
I do know therapists. have a heavy burden..
this is why there is an SOC, this is the reason why
people must jump through hoops to get to there they
"Think" they need to be.
The really sad part about the story is we only have one side of that story.

Take care

Thanks for the information on this.....
unfortunately sounds like your therapist is in one hell of a train wreck set of problems....

Take care