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Trans101 For Dumbasses

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If you're wanting to ask your favorite transgender person questions and you're not that bright... this video is for you.

iPhone users: Click to watch

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Now see this is interesting the title of the blog entry refers to transgender (Marti's description...
The Video refers to Transsexuals?
Marti could explain for the dumm ass out here the difference?

Since i am neither Transsexual or transgender Maybe i need an education.
So please educate me.
My transgender and transsexual history i shed after transition may be lacking.


That video was awesome. I laughed so hard sometimes... I had to share it with a couple of others. This one goes to the social networking sites! :)

Loved it I put it in my own blog :)

All I can say is...I LOVE THAT WOMAN!!!

That was so friggin' funny - and true!

"My transgender and transsexual history i shed after transition may be lacking."

I didn't realize that lobotomy was part of transitioning, Sue. That explains a lot.

No disrespect Sue, as I do like many of your comments on some subjects and do look forward to reading them. But I have a question. Why now as a "full" women, transistioned and assimalated, I gather, do you even bother sending in your comments to this site? You always seem to like the art of knocking down others who post and comment here. Is this because you just like to argue, throw around some name-calling, upset a bunch of people and then tell them to "take care". To me this seems like it does nothing more than tear us all down. Why aren't you off doing what full transitioned women do and talking with them? Or do I have this all wrong? I just can't figure out where you are coming from since you "shed yur transgender and transsexual history." Why do you even bother with any of us? Please educate me, don't get mad, or call me stupid.

Marti: Thank you for sharing this with the Bilerico readers. Best laughs I've had for quite a while.

This is so true! We've all got similar questions at some point. I loved Calpernia's responses.

Hi Richard...
I do have a life outside of here.
I do have my female friends i go places and do things with. Because many of the "out Transgender" people tend to leave a less then favorable impression on the mainstream i try to inject some balance in what passes here for input from the transgender community. There is a lack of balance in Bilerico's contributers when it comes to representation of mainstreamed women with a transsexual history. I have always found
Calpernia to be demeaning to those of us who
have worked to put forth a good image in the mainstream community. I guess what sets me apart from others here especially the Transgender folk.
The majority of my friends and acquaintances are streight old fashioned folk, even the ones who know my past. One of my friends saw that video and
I can't directly quote what He said but i will paraphrase....
"what kind of freak is that"
I told him who it was and he just laughed and said.
"I am Goddamned glad you are not like her"

Richard and everyone else here please understand
People like Calpernia and to a lesser extent Lynn COnway are an embarrassment to those of us who want to live a life that is some semblance of normal.

I have been thinking about this since the I'M pissed off thread and the rather offensive crossdressing hooker video which is a fake by the way. It's very true rather it is intentional or not I don't know but there is a decidedly anti woman with a TS history attitude here.

Otherwise this is a nice place.

Take care

Sue, All I can say is WOW. I guess that is one way to look at it. Here is another point of view:

As a straight ally of the GLB and very much the T community I don't find Calpernia to be either a freak or an embarassement. I find her to be full of life and to have an amazing sense of humor about herself. Calpernia stands tall even though her personal history might suggest another path and indeed would have crushed many others.

At the end of the day I find 'normal' to be highly over rated and not something I personally aspire to.


That is what my friend said...

I on the other hand just find the "satire" to be offensive. but that is my opinion...

There are two types of women (i can't and won't speak for F2M's) with TS history.

Those who are proud to be who they are, i don't have a problem with that until they start calling me names or forcing labels on me...

Those who see their pre-transition state of being as a birth defect and will do anything to fix that defect. This group is proud of their accomplishment, that being fixing the birth defect and moving on with their life. Their life doesn't center on their genitals or their transgender/transsexual status. They shed that part of their past and move on. Many of this group have dropped the term transsexual, or trans-anything from the description of their past and have adopted a new term That doesn't bear any similarity with those terms.

Being a lesbian i have an interest in this place and keep a toe in the GLBT community on a social level. Except for a group i am president of that is dedicated to the support of Transwomen (we are not tied to the local GLBT center) I have nothing to do with the Local TG scene.

The views of others here are only one side of a coin. We usually get shouted down by members of the TG community because our belief system is different. Calpernia represents about half of the people who suffer or have suffered with a mind body discontinuity regarding sex and gender.

Take care

Hi, Marti!

I can tell from your title that you intended this post for an audience that includes me. Unfortunately, like so many of us D.A.'s, I'm on dial-up and can't view video longer than three seconds.

Is a transcript available? Or maybe a DVD?

Geez, you just phone this stuff in, don'cha, Sue?