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Weekend at Bernie's wasn't a very good movie

Filed By Bil Browning | February 18, 2008 12:30 PM | comments

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I hesitated to post this because I'd already reported on it. Now that everyone else - including the Indianapolis Star - has said the same damn thing, would everyone please get off my back for saying it weeks ago? Indiana's marriage amendment is dead.

Can we move on now to the other issues that we could have won this year? With hate crimes we allowed the right wingers to use the same technique to kill it that they used last year. Indiana is one of five states that doesn't have a hate crimes law.

We can do better than dragging around a corpse and propping it up like Weekend at Bernie's. We need to move ourselves forward. The status quo just isn't good enough anymore.

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Ha ha, Weekend at Bernie's. Remember when McCain was running for president in 2000 and someone asked him what he would do if Alan Greenspan died? He said he would pull a weekend at Bernie's. Silly McCain. Oh, those were good times.

Bil, the marriage amendment gives us meaning. Much like Bernie's corpse.

Wait, that analogy doesn't make any sense.