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A Moment, Please, To Remember

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I had a reminder this morning, of why I care so much about who gets elected this fall. Why I care so much about the political landscape of this country.

Because I care deeply what kind of world my kids are growing up in. What kind of country they are growing up in.

This morning, it was reported by the LA Times, that Larry King had responded to the taunts of teasing by his male classmates by flirting with them.

Not only did this kid have the guts to go to school dressed in a way that displayed pride in the face of serious adversity, he fought back with the only thing he had- himself.

He was the kind of kid I'd love to know. Someone brash, and loud, and unafraid to take whatever gets thrown his way. It is familiar to me- I fought back in such a similar way and continue to, day after day.

There are a lot of Larry Kings out there.

I watch my oldest son, desperately wanting to be popular, to be seen as cool, and cute, and important. I see a very lonely kid. A kid struggling to fit in, to make sense of the world, to have the world make sense of him.

And still love him.

I imagine Larry had similar struggles.

It breaks my heart.

I'm concerned for my son. I want to give him the best tools to go out and face the world, whatever his gender identity and sexuality might be. He may be straight. He may be gay. He may be twelve and struggling with a narrowly defined world boys must live in to be accepted.

I don't know. Neither does he.

But as I read the LA Times piece today, I was reminded of why I care so much about the political landscape of this country. Why I write passionately about the campaigns taking place today.

I want him to be safe.

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battybattybats battybattybats | March 8, 2008 10:34 PM

He was such a brave and strong kid.

It is hard for kids growing up in the US. Imagine what it is like for a gay teenager in Iran. I found a very unfortunate example yesterday in The Independent, in the UK. Mehdi Kazemi was 19 in 2004. a gay teenager from Iran. He sought sanctuary in Britain after his boyfriend was hanged for homosexuality. So why is Britain so determined to send him back to Tehran –to almost certain execution. Link to the story at the Independent.
Can we expect any politician to come "out" in suppport of this young man? I think not because it involves both Iran and GLBT issues. How unfortunate.

Just imagine. Being hated for being loving. And being honest. We live in a world that glorifies hatred and deceit. Where does all this insanity come from? Go to a church or a mosque, and ask your holy man. Perhaps they have the answer...

The religion that teaches hatred and hypocracy are perversions of the faith I believe in.

My God's admonition is "to love one another as I have loved you." Anything else is not religion.