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Baywatcher comes out

Filed By Alex Blaze | March 10, 2008 4:09 PM | comments

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Baywatch's Logan Fowler, Jaason Simmons, came out last week in the Australian mag New Life:

simmons.jpg[F]ellow actor O'Callaghan proposed to Simmons a few months after they met. "People said 'Isn't it too quick?" says Jaason, "But it's different when you're 37 and you've gone through the mill and been kicked around and learnt stuff. If you both want the same thing and are on the same journey, and you're together until you pass, what's too fast? If you know, you know."

pink cupcake.jpgWell, whatever his reasons, I'm glad he joined the party.

And you all know what this means? Pink cupcakes for everyone!

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Can I have an extra cupcake? Those look good.

Sure, Bil, but you have to wait for each of the estimated 10-15 million gays in America to get one first. Don't worry, I baked 17 million, so there should be enough.

Alex, you're too sweet. Where's my mf cupcake?