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Clinton and Obama Should Target McCain, Not Each Other

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The never-ending fight for the Democratic nomination has me feeling like Courtney, the bitchy blonde cheerleader from the movie Bring It On. In a moment of complete frustration at the inability of the cheerleaders to choose someone to replace an injured squad member Courtney shouts "Let's cut the crap and pick somebody now!"

Now, I know that kind of plea is not going to work with the Democrats particularly since Hillary Clinton announced that she is staying in the race until the Democratic National Convention in August. That means five more months of attacks and counterattacks between Clinton and Barack Obama, the frontrunner for the nomination.

The stakes are far too high to allow this opportunity to put a Democrat in the White House to be pissed away in an orgy of party infighting.

I say let's end the Hatfields and McCoys type feud among Democrats and immediately aim all of our firepower at John McCain.

Bush McCain Hug.jpg

McCain has gotten more than a free ride from the traditional media who seem more interested in being invited to the Republican nominee's next cookout than reporting on the numerous scandals surrounding his campaign.

We should help to remind them and voters of what a crock McCain's manufactured image as a "straight talker" really is.

When pundits were beginning to write obituaries for his campaign McCain applied for public financing to keep his floundering campaign afloat. With public campaign financing comes spending limits, but based on his latest finance report McCain has violated the campaign spending limits.

Let's also not forget the story of the leggy blonde lobbyist who may have had a questionable relationship with McCain, the legion of lobbyists playing key roles in McCain's campaign and let's not forget McCain saying that spending 100 years in Iraq would be "fine with me."

And McCain's record on GLBT issues has been abysmal.

The Democratic contest is looking like nothing short of an intervention from Dr. Phil can get Clinton to see the reality that her campaign is over. It is up to the grassroots Democrats to keep our eyes on the prize of winning back the White House.

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I agree. But can I say . . . you're so GAAAAY for using a "Bring It On" example!

Dr. Phil should throw everyone in his House of Hatred, which, for some reason, never seems to solve anyone's problems.

Oh, and since I'm a snooty librul blogger, what digby said.

So far when they have tried to put a zinger to Senator McCain it has gone nowhere.If this is the best they have then they may as well give it up in November.But realy if the Democrats want this as badlly as they say they had better stop spitting spitballs and bring on the heavy artillery now or there gonna lose in the general.

Carry on

It does take two to tango, and since Obama has the nomination wrapped, he doesn't really need to go tit for tat with Clinton anymore. Why doesn't his campaign start focusing their eyes on the bigger target?

Now is the time to start pointing out that McCain is more of the same that we have put up with for the last 8 years. There will be no difference between McCain and Bush, just a change in names and faces. Hell, McCain should just go ahead and change his name to Bush for all the difference it will mean.