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Congressman Andre Carson endorsed by anti-gay minister

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"Today Congressman André Carson attended Easter services at Light of the World, a leading westside megachurch. The minister, Bishop T.G. Benjamin, gave as close an endorsement as the IRS will allow from the pulpit to Congressman Carson. Allegedly [Carolene] Mays had tried real hard for that very important statement of support but Congressman Carson got it!"

-- Longtime Carson supporter (and gay man) Wilson Allen announcing Carson's support by anti-gay megachurch minister Bishop T.G. Benjamin. Benjamin is known for leading services that include comments like, "The most dastardly thing about homosexuality is silly silly homosexuals going around trying to convince people that what they're doing is normal... Homosexuality is a spirit of the underworld and you who collaborate with that spirit collaborate with the devil himself."

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Wilson46201 | March 27, 2008 10:55 AM

So the cash you are now getting from the Orentlicher Campaign inspires you to reprint this anti-Carson attack material from longtime Republican Carson-hater Gary Welsh?

As you know full well, our Democratic Congressman André Carson rejects and denounces all such antigay statements as the one alleged to Rev. Benjamin...

But he still likes the endorsement, eh Wilson? Does the fact that Gary Welsh reported it make it untrue? Or do you deny that Benjamin is a well-known anti-gay minister?

Wilson46201 | March 27, 2008 11:13 PM

Does anybody indeed know if "Rev. Benjamin is a well known antigay minister"? Carson-basher Welsh used one link to a website which quoted one sermon allegedly from Rev.. Benjamin but it never mentioned when and where this particular sermon was given. Odd.

We've been through the SJR7 battle in Indiana -- does anybody know if Rev. Benjamin weighed in against "gay marriage"? If so, when? Frankly, I don't recall hearing about it. Benjamin is not particularly noted for his antigay sermons or activities.

Rev. Tom Benjamin is not a trivial church leader in Indianapolis. His major endorsement of Congressman André Carson showed the hoped-for split within the African-American community against Carson is not happening, despite the best hopes of a few outsiders ... Knocking Black ministers is not a winning tactic for Orentlicher supporters either!

I also repeat: Congressman André Carson utterly rejects and denounces any and all antigay statements from whatever source!