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Does Viagra Work On The Spine?

Filed By Storm Bear | March 11, 2008 8:56 AM | comments

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As the most remote village in all of the Himalayas has already learned by now, Eliot Spitzer hired a female prostitute, maybe several.

And that is it.

I honestly never liked Spitzer and I thought he made a horrible Democrat. Now he even does sex scandals bad.

No, when Democrats are involved in sex scandals, they should not be protected by the Party. The same goes for the GOP. What is good for Mark Foley is good for Eliot Spitzer. But where Foley's antics were outrageous, even for a Republican, Spitzer's behavior, while tragic for his family and shows the smallness of his character, is just plain lousy as a scandal. His family is who I really feel sorry for, especially his wife who stood by him at the podium. I hope the reason she was standing so close is because she only had a 1 foot cattle prod.

Where are the teenage enema nurses in bondage we have all grown to expect in a sex scandal? If floozies in bed is all we can get out of him, then Spitzer is spineless.

Next time I see Bob Dole, I will need to ask him if Viagra works on the spine, clearly Spitzer could use some stiffening there.

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