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Ellen DeGeneres on Lawrence King

Filed By Michael Crawford | March 01, 2008 8:35 AM | comments

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Tags: Ellen DeGeneres, gay rights, hate crimes against LGBT people, Lawrence King

Ellen DeGeneres delivered a powerful commentary of the recent murder of openly gay 15 year old Lawrence King and the cultural attitudes that made the teenager killer think it was okay to shoot Lawrence.

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Thank you Ellen... again.

Every time her voice catches, I tear up.

Ellen made a fine statement, and it should help win hearts and minds. But she really needs to get over this "I'm not a political person" thing and "This isn't politics". It is.

I get what she's saying - that *everyone* should agree that it's terrible to kill a child - and therefore it should be above politics, and thus rendering it apolitical. It doesn't.

When candidates run on issues that advocate discrimination and/or hate, when advocacy groups raise money and lower discource inciting public hatred, that *is* political, and requires a political response.

If the Ellens of the world opt out and can't muddy themselves with politics, the good people cede the field of battle to the bigots and idiots; and that is almost as dangerous as the bigotry itself.

bill18702 | March 2, 2008 6:13 AM

I find that so hard to watch without tears coming to my eyes. I have always admired Ellen and she doesn't just speak for popularity, she actually feels, as we all should.

The violence against the gender variant community must end.

It simply must end.